I've never liked the damage rule we switched to several years ago. But just to play along with it, what do you think about this shot?
People always argued for the damage rule because it took away the burden of decision making, but here's a case where the disc is clearly going off (or is actually off) and now we're left to wonder what the call would be.

Thoughts about this shot? Or this one (http://worldcrokinoleleague.ning.com/video/damage-in-slomo-and-super)?
Or thoughts about the damage rule?

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Comment by Fred Slater on December 25, 2016 at 7:57pm
It would seem that, with the aid of replays, that Nathan's disc that came back should have been removed from the board. It was touching the outside line when struck by the out-of-play disk. Of course in a situation like this it is hard for the players to determine what happened.

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