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Comment by Eric Miltenburg on March 23, 2011 at 6:02am
there used to be a filter for it in MS Windows Moviemaker but I don't know if the newer version has it. I think you can still download the older version and run it separately.
Comment by Coe Miltenburg on March 22, 2011 at 3:46pm
@Eric Miltenburg we don't have slo-mo on our program jeez...
Comment by Eric Miltenburg on December 20, 2010 at 10:37pm


Love it! ... but where's the slow-mo? Oh, and overhead would be nice. (Well, you want to sell it big time don't you? ;^))


AND/OR  A post shot interview of the disc itself?



Interviewer: "So Big D, congratulations on a spectular 'Oh no, Mr. Bill', wanna take us through it"


Big D: " Well yeah, wow, thanks, it's hard to say, I piled in with confidence ya know. Had a real good feeling I had the right line, but it happened so fast, cookies flying every whichaway, I figured I'd sent two to the ditch sure thing. And then, when I finally stopped spinnin', there I was, all alone in the peg circle. There was complete stillness for a sec, and then the crowd went wild. That's a real good feelin', it's why we all play and why we like to watch. Hey but I'm just a chunk of wood, I didn't do it all alone. I give a lotta credit to the posts, the board, a superwaxed deck and especially my coach, 'The Shooter', he always points me in the right direction. (Say, can I keep this microfibre towel, that oughta keep me smooth and slick)."

Interviewer: "You got it Big D, thanks for doing this."

Big D: "Sure, no sweat."

Interviewer: "That's it for us down on the deck.  Oh, but I'd like to give a big shout out to the Beierling Bros. (Crokinole) Circus who put together the skillshot competition every year. Keep it up guys, you show us that there's an art to the game and the only way to get lucky is to work at it."


===It's probably also worth mentioning that you see all the skillshots of the past, what is it, three years running now at:




which is now thankfully free of that scary warning about being an unsafe site.  Go there and see all the cool stuff and info about crokinole.


I think if you type:  /forum   at the end of the address you can get to the old forum section as well.

or try this link:




Hey, and if you have an idea for a skillshot, pass it along to them, they've been known to use them.






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