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At 6:12pm on June 25, 2010, Coe Miltenburg said…
you should ask my dad to be your friend
At 6:10pm on June 25, 2010, Coe Miltenburg said…
you should ask brian miltenburg to be your friend.
At 4:54am on June 22, 2010, Coe Miltenburg said…
i would love to play against you bout you live in british columbia and it cost money.
At 9:49am on February 19, 2009, Eric Miltenburg said…
Hi Clif, I have an answer for your "How do I give the picture a better title?'
question. Navigate to 'Photos' > 'My photos' click on the picture you want to edit and if you look on the lower right hand side of the white space surrounding the picture there is an icon of a pencil with 'Edit photo' next to it. click on that and you can change the title of the picture, rotate it, add tags i.e. (Saskatchewan,Sundbo) that make it easy to filter the photos and find what you are looking for even if that word is not in the title. When we get up to a couple of thousand pictures you'll appreciate that 'tags' are the way to go even more than a meaningful title. Hope this picture helps.

At 8:04am on February 19, 2009, Brian Miltenburg said…
Hi Clif,

I was talking to my brother (Eric Miltenburg) about your board and he told me the story about the maple tree and you never having any experience and if you knew the work involved, you never would have done it.

Great story.

I was last in BC in 2000, and now that my kids are getting bigger, (They are members if you want to see their pics) we can hopefully do some more cross country trekking again in 2010. Maybe we can shoot a game on your board. Have you ever been to Tavistock for the Crokinole Championships? I may have played you in doubles.

At 12:03pm on February 9, 2009, Karry said…
Yes, it is coming soon. We have rain today so it is warm. I just hope the weather is good for traveling when we need to drive to the game.
To become a member I clicked on your group, and then joined... I don't remember the fine tuning of it all without going back to do it over again but it was pretty simple really... just had to read the links and before I knew it there I was, part of your group! :o)
At 10:32am on February 9, 2009, Karry said…
So, in that case do you want me to sign up as a BC player member, Dad? Even though I wont be playing with you in BC much? ;o)
At 12:44pm on February 8, 2009, Eric Miltenburg said…
Hi Clif, Yes you are right, there are two things involved. You can sign up as a member of the WCL online community and then by looking into the clubs section you can join a club. I've left it pretty free and open for the moment so that people don't get faced with too many hurdles and it's pretty easy to join any club you want but if you join a club in error you can always 'unjoin' it.
At 8:51am on February 8, 2009, Clif Antypowich said…
Yes soon like saterday! I'm wondering if there is two things to sign up in . one as a member of WCL and one as a member of our club CROKINOLE PLAYERS OF BC? IF you have time see if you can check it out.
At 5:58am on February 8, 2009, Karry said…
Yes, I am here as a member - I don't know why I showed up as a friend to you. I haven't been around here enough to find out all the little deatails yet.
See you soon!!!
At 10:58pm on January 26, 2009, Eric Miltenburg said…
Do you mean the one in Oliver BC>? I think you probably kept the caps key down when typing the capital letters B and C, that caret mark is above the '.' (period key) You can likely fix this if you go to "Settings" at the top on the right hand side under your name and 'Inbox' and 'Friends -Invite'. When you click on 'settings', you get access to all your profile stuff and if you look for Oliver, BC, you'll probably see the >, you can delete it there.
To invite members, just go to the BC club page and you'll see 'Admin options', below that click on 'manage group members' once your in there you'll see a green cross with 'Invite more people' click on that and it'll give you a box to add email addresses and below that a short message. That will send a message inviting people to join the blog and the BC group, and all they'll have to do is click on the link provided and sign up, and then they're are in.
As for Tavistock, I'm pretty sure my brother and I played you in doubles. We never played singles, I was just referring to where we ended up in the overall ranking. If I had played you, the order might have been reversed eh.
Anyway, I hope that helps, (even though it took me forever to tell) thank goodness I play faster than I explain.
At 9:59pm on January 26, 2009, Eric Miltenburg said…
Way to go on creating the BC club space Clif. Pretty impressive for someone who says computers are "all new to me". But for someone who can carve a crokinole board out of slab from a stump I take it you're not averse to a challenge. Congratulations.
At 5:53pm on January 25, 2009, Howard Martin said…
Hello Clif, I admire your board,very impressive. I have a brother in
Vineland On. who is a cabinet maker/wood carver who would really
appreciate to see a board like yours.
Also have a nephew living in Misson Bc.--great country,
Good luck with your club.

Howard Martin
At 2:09pm on January 24, 2009, NCA Admin said…
Welcome Clif, Eric here, I beat you out by one point at Tavistock last year, although you scored 8 more '20's'.
Great picture, is that the monster board you created straight off a stump in your backyard? Ray showed me the pictures. Do you, or can I, post pictures of that board in the photo section?
Are you going to set up your club in the club section? I can help with that if you're not sure how. A picture of that board would make a great logo for the BC club, eh? We're having a competition to see which club can get 10 members into the clubs roster first. Winning club gets feature position on the Home page. Here's your opportunity to get the jump on Ontario ;^)

Once again, Welcome to the blog.

Eric Miltenburg

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