Yes, predictions are fun. I agree completely with the top 5 players mentioned by Nathan. The final four will probably come from these 5. It is possible for others to play well and beat one of them but it is very difficult to beat enough of them to win. I predict Justin and Brian will be the finalists.

Dark horses have been mentioned and I will add to the list. I don't know if these players are coming to Tavistock but the BC players Quin Erzinger and Julian Chalmers should qualify in the final 16 and would be competitive. There is a non-NCA player who showed up last year and qualified. His name is Ezra Jantzi. Perhaps he lacks competitive experience but he is a fine player.

Doubles Predictions

1. Ray and Jason Beierling (returning to form)

2. Fred and Justin Slater

3. Jon Conrad and Tony Schneider

20's predictions

1. Justin Slater (an easy call, won 3 years in a row with a blow-out in 2012)

2. Ray Beierling

3. Jon Conrad

Note: Predict 118 20's,  Brian Cook will not be a factor since he often plays defensively.

Best wishes to all on our day of days


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