Unusual arrangement of the molecules

At the last St. Jacobs Crokinole Club session on Mar 23, 2015 something very unusual happened. In the warmup at my table a disk ended up leaning on another disk. i.e. part of the disk was on another disc and the lower edge of the disk was on the board. No posts were involved. In my years of playing I had never seen this happen before. I have seen one disc on top of another many times but never a leaner like this. In a later round of play I was called over to another board to observe a second situation where one disc leaned on another. This was all very strange. The disks that evening appeared normal. They were not unusually "Sticky" and 20's shooting with them seemed normal. Having one such event is very rare and having 2 such events on one evening defies the odds.

Does anyone else have experience with leaning disks?

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