I will make the first predictions.

One of Jason Beierling, Brian Cook, or Justin Slater will win the open singles.

Other contenders: Ray Beierling, Jon Conrad, Eric Miltenberg, Paul Brubaker

Long-shot: Joe Arnup

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Comment by Joe Arnup on June 3, 2012 at 2:40pm

Wow, indeed.   Worth mentioning that I not only picked Jon to win, I also put BC and Slater in the top 3 (although in reverse order), and Justin to shoot the most twenties.   I'm a better clairvoyant than crokinole player it seems. 

Comment by Clare Kuepfer on June 3, 2012 at 11:17am

Well deserved wins for Jon. 77pts of possible 80 = 96.3% wins, Congratulalations !

For Justin, 142 twenties out of 320 shots= 44.4%, incredible.

Thanks to WCC comittee for another great tournament!

Comment by Ray on June 3, 2012 at 9:30am

Turns out that Jon Conrad becomes the first player in the History of the tournament to earn both the Singles and Doubles Championships in the same day.  Both victories well earned and well deserved.  Great Job John!  An unheard of 77 out of 80 points in the prelims with over 100 20's.  He cruised through the sweet 16 and easily made it into the top 2.  The final looked to be very close and hard faught, but Jon ended up with the trophy.  Impressive indeed!  The second place finisher Justin Slater rocked the crokinole world on Saturday June 2nd 2012 by compiling over 140 20's in the prelims.  A jaw dropping 20 tally that all thought was impossible.  If anyone is going to break that record, it will be Justin himself.  He has prefected a strategy that obviously pays dividends when it comes to racking up 20's.  Finally, a big thank you to the WCC Committee for once again hosting a great tournament.  The crokinole community cannot thank you enough!!  P.S.  The predictions were all very valid.  Without Justins incredible 20 tally, I think 104 would have taken it. 

Comment by Joe Arnup on June 1, 2012 at 2:56pm

Longshot!!   Actually, I'll be happy to be in the sweet sixteen again.   

Having said that, I suppose Eric and I should be legitimate contenders in doubles. 

I've already got a bet going that puts Cook in the top 2 and I'll take any other action.  

Winner: Jon Conrad.   No one on the tour deserves it more.  Or at least no one else practices as much and looks as good in the preliminaries. 

Go Team Toronto!!

Doubles playoffs!!

Comment by Nathan Walsh on May 31, 2012 at 12:14pm

I agree with Fred, doubles playoffs would be great to see.


I'm intriguiged to see who might be the surprise of the tournament this year. Last year we saw the Dave and Matt Brown almost win the doubles title as they finished 2nd to the Maders. And then in the singles Julian Chambers almost cracked the top 4, while Tom Johnston and Paul Brubacher made their first appearances in the top 4 after overcoming the tough group of 16. Who knows what could happen this year.

But since we're making predictions, I'll say it will take 104 20's to win the 20's trophy this year (perhaps with another "shootout tiebreaker").

Comment by Fred Slater on May 31, 2012 at 7:19am

Of course the favorites for the doubles are Ray and Jason. Don't overlook Miltenberg/Arnup who can also be strong. I wish there were playoffs in the doubles.

Comment by Ray on May 30, 2012 at 8:16pm

I think it is safe to say that Brian Cook will finish in the top two based on the previous 8 years.  Very impressive run that I believe will never but matched.  That said, one spot remains as Brian's opposition.  Only two people in the History of the event have made it back to the top 2 in back to back years.  (Joe Fulop and Brian Cook)  That does not put history on my side.  There has also only been one rematch (Bruce Hartung and Brian Cook) so that may does not put history on the side of Nathan Walsh, Justin Slater, Jason Beierling, Ab Leitch, Joe Fulop or myself)  Stats aside, Justin Slater has to be considered a top contender after his strong showing at the NCA Finals.


As for the doubles, I would predict that the Slaters, Maders, Walsh/Keupfer, Hartman/Schneider, Haymes and Johnstons are all looking strong. 

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