Rankings for Crokinole players of BC (CPOBC) As of Jan. 29/2009

Name games to date Total pts Ave. pts to date Previous ave pts Ave 20's
1. Rob Martel 19 111 5.8 5.6 3.9
1. Crokinole clif 16 94 5.8 5.3 3.0
2. Don Dunn 10 52 5.2 NA 1.6
3. Marjarie McIntyre 20 101 5.0 5.3 1.6
3 .Lloyd Anderson 7 35 5.0 NA 1.8

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Comment by Clif Antypowich on February 7, 2009 at 8:42pm
Eric we play singles. 8 disc each on the group boards. my board is to havey for me to carry around . I've got this problem similar Joe Folop. Not maybe quite the same but it 's a bit disgusting and frustering. Any way my board is allways set up.your invited! Say did you get my question if you have a relitive who is a veterain? My friend Dr. Robert Saunders was asking. cheers,clif.
Comment by Eric Miltenburg on February 6, 2009 at 9:27pm
Average 20's, 3.9! Holy cow Clif, Are you playing 12 disc aside singles, or is it just that it's on your own special board? ;^)
Comment by Clif Antypowich on February 6, 2009 at 8:28pm
Rankings for Crokinole players of BC (CPOBC) as of Febraury 5/2009.
1. Crokinole clif. ave pt /game 6.1. Ave 20's./game.4
2.Rob martel Ave pt/game5.8. Ave 20's/game 3
3. Marjarie McIntyre Ave pt/ game 5.1. Ave 20's /game 2.1

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