Hi all, This idea struck me as a good one as I had a discussion (memory failing of who with) with someone in Belleville.  What about a "Team" League.  Here's how it would roughly work:
Each roster can have a minimum of four players and a maximum of eight.
Each team will have a distinctive name and regional affilliation base.  (NOT clubs, but could definately have an entire roster from a club)
Each team plays a schedule (TBD) and the top teams playoff with the winner receiving the Slyder Cup (whadaya think Eric???)
Each team will pay an entry fee which will go for prizes.
A - let me know what you think.
B - If this flies, anyone interested in submitting a team let me know and I'll get things started.
Please also note:
No events will be scheduled in conflict with the WCC or any NCA event.
The goal of this organization would be to promote and work with the NCA.
Anxious for some feedback.
Jason Hogan

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Comment by Joe Arnup on November 22, 2011 at 8:16pm

I believe it was probably me on the other end of that conversation, as it's something that would be great if it could happen.   Toronto is certainly game, but I think it might be tough getting commitment to a thorough schedule outside of a couple clubs.  


I like the idea of the Slyder cup challenge, where the current champion battles the top contenders.   More like a boxing idea, where the winner keeps the trophy and then receives challenges from another team.    That still might be tough to organize.  


I think it's a fun idea, and I'd be supportive of it.  

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