On the NCA site new rules have been posted which have been approved unanimously by the NCA. These rules have been compiled by me with input from players such as Brian Cook, Eric Miltenberg, Derek Hale, Ray Beierling, Jason Beierling, Jon Conrad, Howard Martin, Nathan Walsh, Joe Fulop and others. This does not imply that each of these players agrees with each rule in the final result. The intent was to set out the rules as they currently are, together with some recent changes adopted by the WCC committee, in a precise format that was difficult to misinterpret and that would lend itself to future rule additions. I know that there are additional rules needed to close a few gaps.The numbering of the rules is important because it enables someone to specify exactly which rule is being discussed.

Important point:

For the 2011 year the WCC (Tavistock) committee has changed their rules.

1. They have adopted the "Damage Stays Rule"

2. They have adopted the "Spinning Disc Rule"

3. They will allow discs to be held one's hand (Although their wording is not clear on this)

4. They adopted new wording for the promotion of a disc when there are no other discs on the board. See NCA rule no. 3Aii

Items 1,2 and 3 bring the WCC rules in line with the NCA rules and the NCA has adopted the following 2 rules which will bring our rules in line with the WCC.

1. Rule 3Aii

2. Discs cannot be started from behind the outer boundary line (See rule 7d)

General Note: Although the wording is different in the 2 sets of rules (WCC and NCA) there now are no material differences although there are some small unimportant differences. Current competitive players should spend some time examining rule 3Aii as this is quite a change from the previous NCA rule.

Questions,comments and feedback and can be e-mailed to fslater@netron.com Also please send suggestions for additional rules that may be desirable. New rules will be considered at the annual meeting of the NCA in August.

I took this project on last August and it has been more difficult than I imagined.


Fred Slater




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