Holy Mackerel, boys and girls! We made it on the radio.

World Crokinole League on the March!
... at least radio-wise. Check out this spot that went out on the airwaves in ... hang on, uh ... Canton N.Y. North Country Public Radio. It was covering flick-action in Vernon up near Ottawa. Halfway through the program the narrator says something to the effect of "Believe it or not there is a 'World Crokinole League'".
The winners, if I understood correctly, were the Belleville Browns, recent participants in the match in London.
But you can hear all about it yourself if the link below works. Enjoy.

(hmmmm, can't seem to make the hyperlink, well try copying the addressand pasting into your browser then)


You can find the article at the following URL


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Comment by Eric Miltenburg on April 12, 2009 at 7:19pm
If you can't stand the pain, DON'T STAND. By the way, anyone recognize the brand of the bottle that Todd is probably going to need to hoist another couple of ... with his left hand?
Comment by Eric Miltenburg on April 12, 2009 at 7:13pm
Thanks Dave, your more than welcome. Is this the first time you were able to hear it or were you able to catch it when it aired? That was excellent advice you gave on the 'why does my finger hurt' rookie whine. I hope you collected $10 US for that tidbit. Check out

to see some real painful disregard of 'fingernail vs wood'. And look at the number of discs on the board, that's a real tally point nightmare. Somebody get these people into a club!
Comment by Dave Brown on April 12, 2009 at 5:09pm
Hi Eric,

Im glad you found this information. My son (Matt from the Ottawa area) and I (Dave Brown) along with a third WCL player Louis Gauthier and his partner Debbie Lewis made the trek from Belleville to Osgood (just south of Ottawa) and had a great day of crokinole. The tournament was more of a celebration of rural Canada and was held in the Osgood Museum. It was not as competetive as London or Tavistock but still offered a full day of games against young and old, experienced and rookies. There was a couple of guys from the Ottawa area (I can not remember there names) that were also members of the WCL. We all look forward to attending next year and hope to see other WCL members.

Dave Brown
Member of BCL (Bellville Crokinole League)

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