Golden Horseshoe Tournament in Hamilton booked to capacity.

A little Crokinole History about Hamilton. Two things you should know. Nature mimics Crokinole: The biggest centre pocket on earth is situated on the eastern edge of Hamilton, You can find it if you follow Hwy# 20 as it plunges down the Escarpment toward Lake Ontario. (It's true, I didn't photoshop the highway sign) And that trickle of water you can just barely see, those my friend, are known as 'Crokinole Tears'.
"Crokinole: it'll break your heart, it'll steal your soul."

Greetings to all the Crokinole Community and thanks especially to the 40 keen players below who registered by the deadline for the Tournament Saturday. I know we originally had capped the enrollment at 36 but we reckoned we would have a viable rotation up to 40 and so accepted a few more reservations. But we can't go beyond that at this point without things getting complicated.
I should also mention that, for players who like the company of family or friends that wish to make a day of it, but might not be as focused or able to concentrate for five hours unless they are playing, there is the diversion of the rather large Limeridge Mall a couple of blocks away, complete with movie theatres and other mall-like attractions.

It also was brought to my attention that the 'Events' part of this website, although consulted by many, was interacted with by only 6 visitors and if that was the total registration, was this event indeed going to go forward. A false and bad impression that I should have dispelled sooner, and will certainly take care to do so in future - other event organizers - take note if you plan to use this device.

With that in mind, I thought it might be useful and interesting for people to be able to check the full list of reservations to both, make sure your name is here if you are expecting to play and also to give you an idea of what the competition will be like. I think you will agree that this should be a memorable match.

We will start with 4 pools of 10 players playing nine games. From there the players will be assigned to 4 groups of ten again, ranked according to their score. I.e top ten scores are in Pool 'A', the next ten are in Pool 'B' and so on. Then, after a further 9 games, the top 3 in each pool will play each other leading up to a final match of the top two battling it out for who will take 1st or 2nd honours in their pool.

We think this will make for an very interesting match for players of all skill levels. You will be playing a mix of skill levels at the beginning but then you will be playing in a fairly evenly matched group with prizes possible for all. We believe this format has a lot to offer all players. You'll get the chance to play against some of the best crokinole players out there but then be evenly matched with a good chance to have your skills rewarded.

With that spirit in mind I reveal below your Top 40 Hitters for this Saturday.
(I wanted to put this list in two columns but the blog formatting won't let me.)

1 Jason Carter
2 Brian Cook
3 Ron Haymes
4 Kent Robinson
5 Dennis Ernest
6 Alex Protas
7 Fred Slater
8 John Harvey
9 Joe Fulop
10 John Conrad
11 Frank Schuurman
12 Justin Slater
13 Eric Miltenburg
14 Jake Ruggi
15 Brian Miltenburg
16 George Cook
17 Louis Gauthier
18 Clare Kuepfer
19 Dwayne Campbell
20 Greg Matthison
21 Lise Doucette
22 Howard Martin
23 Matt Brown
24 Dave Brown
25 Tom Doucette
26 Dwight Bender
27 Coe Miltenburg
28 Lanny McNeil
29 Mike Huff
30 Brock Dowhaniuk
31 Taylor Dowhaniuk
32 Jaye Dilts
33 Elmer Cook
34 Len Chard
35 Jolan Canrinus
36 Christina Campbell
37 Steve Buchok
38 Joe Arnup
39 Wayne Gingerich
40 John O'Brien

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Comment by Dave Brown on January 31, 2010 at 6:53am
Eric and Team,
Great tournament in Hamilton. Our group from Quinte really enjoyed the day of crokinole. Kudos to all that were involved in organizing.
Dave Brown

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