Golden Horseshoe Crokinole V, This Saturday January 25th, Hamilton.

Final call for the Golden Horseshoe Tournament in Hamilton this weekend.  Looks like there will be a decent turnout for this year's tourney. Will last year's winner, Ray Beierling, return to defend his title and further his chances after wins in Lewiston and Brucefield or will the various other winners, a different one in all the other events, make it a pair to catch up with him? Or will yet a new champion arise to add still another entry into the hotly contested race for this year's NCA Championship run? 

Why not come down to easily accessed, centrally located Hamilton, plunk yourself down behind a board and be a part of the action.  What better place for some cliffhanging disc action than atop the Escarpment. It's Crokinole on the Edge. Take the leap, drop off your entry now. 

Email Eric Miltenburg

relevant info and directions in the file below


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Comment by Eric Miltenburg on January 25, 2014 at 6:27am

Thanks Clare, Anyone in an area where whiteouts are a threat don't take unnecessary risks keeping an eye on your local conditions and those between you and Hamilton, as in Clare's case where they have closed the roads.

We will be playing crokinole today, for those who don't have to face the howling white, since the boards have been set up and the coffee's ready to be brewed. However we may start a bit later, say 1:00  when the winds are predicted to diminish so don't be in a dangerous rush to get here if you are making the attempt.  Thanks everyone for your calls or emails if you have to cancel, stay safe, and get some practice in for the next tournament.  That would be in B.C. or London in March.

Thanks everyone,

Eric Miltenburg

Comment by Clare Kuepfer on January 25, 2014 at 5:09am
"Good Luck" to all the flickers at the tournament to-day, wish I could be there.

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