I was just watching the video I had of Justin and Jason down in St. Jacob's when they both shot a perfect game to end the match. This got me thinking about the percentage of 20's made, and eventually led me to think about the overall statistics of the game. If someone was to keep statistics, what pieces of the game would be analysed, and what stats would be kept. A few immediately jumped to my mind.

1. Open 20% (the percentage of 20's made when a player intentionally shoots for the twenty, while the direct central path towards the hole is wide open)
2. Hangar 20% (how often is a 20 made when the opponent leaves a simple hangar)
3. Unforced Errors (how many times the player fails to keep their shooter on the board, or to completely remove the opponents disc, when their full intention was to do so)
4. Forced Errors (this would mean any time when the opponent disc is not removed, or the shooter fails to stay on, when the intention of the player is to do this, ex. your down a 20 and your opponent has control of the board, you will often purposefully shoot your own off, to force play back to the middle)

I had also thought of a few others, but I was unable to think of a way to clearly define them. One was aggressiveness%, which would be the amount of times a player chooses to attempt a 20 when the opposing disc is not a simple hangar. However, the intention of this would be much harder to interpret.

Not to say anyone should be doing this, or if I would necessarily be intriguiged by the results of these stats, but I just had my first case of summer boredom, and would like to know other people thoughts about this.

Also, in game two of the St. Jacob's match, Justin was 13 for 13 in Open 20's (100%), and Jason was 12 for 14 (86%). Both of these are ridiculously high, especially considering it was a final.

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Comment by Jason Hogan on June 19, 2010 at 4:02am
Winning the round with last shot advantage could be one.

% Stolen rounds. In other words, winning the round without last shot advantage.

% I lose to you big guys could be another. But that would simply be 100%! (:

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