Don't you have those moments when something becomes relevant to you, they seem to pop up everywhere.  If someone you knows buys a red pickup, every other vehicle on the road is a red pickup.  When, a friend mentions a particular app for their phone, you start to notice that all your acquaintances are using that app.

Well the same seems to have happened to me.   Just before Christmas, I got this inspiration to have a family crokinole board, so I put one on my list and let my wife know of several that I had seen on Kijiji.  Got a new tournament board, which is more than I expected and now the entire family is enjoying the game.

But now, everywhere I look, the game of crokinole is taking over.  Ok, so I googled it and found there were clubs and tournaments happening.  Searches have revealed YouTube videos of players around the world.  However, I never imagined that it would show up in the historical biography that I was reading.

I read a fair bit, about one book a week, belong to a book club and often my reading material takes on the most eclectic variations.  This week's book is about Dwight L. Moody, the famous Christian evangelist, most known for the Moody Bible Institute named in his honour.   A short section on his daily routine and family life contained the following description:

" After tea, at six P.M, he general attends the services in the Nothfield Auditorium.  If at home, he enjoys a game of halma or croquinole with his wife and son and any friends who may have called."

Considering the book was written in 1900, it came as a little surprise to see that the game had been played in Moody's home in Chicago.

But then again, it is a popular game, well suited to family and friends and allows good fun and lively conversation.  Obviously, it has survived the test of time and will continue to provide enjoyment for many more generations.  

Where do you see the game popping up?

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