Over the last several months, I got interested in Crokinole again.  Having grown up with a board in the house, it was a fun game between family members and crossed generational gaps with games with grandparents happening at all special occasions.  My brother and I are into any games where we can complete, so we played crokinole, mastermind, monopoly, shuffleboard and many other games endlessly.

The game of crokinole is simple enough to allow anybody to play and spectators often have just as much fun as the participants.  We are a loud family when playing games, so it was often setup in on the kitchen table and others would move to another room for some quite conversation.

However, when it was their "turn", they quickly took their place and got back into the excitement.  Nobody was willing to admit defeat, so many rounds of play ensued to find the "grand" champion.  Little did we suspect that the game was being played in so many other homes across the country.  We kind of thought of it as our game.

After moving away from home, it was only remembered as we returned to play on the family board.  Only recently did we get a board for our family and immediately it was a hit.  Hours and hours of play have resulted in a renewed interest in joining a club and attending some tournaments.

A random video showed that some distant relatives were also playing.  25 family members recently had a mini-tournament in Manitoba.

So, a few challenges laid down and we are getting ready to descend in mass on the World Championships in Tavistock in June 2015.  Hoping to bring as many family and friends as possible.  What better way to win family bragging rights than to bring home the title, or maybe eat a little humble pie.  Are we really as good as we think?  Time will tell.

Jacob Westerhof

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Comment by Clare Kuepfer on January 10, 2015 at 4:34am

Look forward to meeting you in Tavistock, or perhaps at T.G H tournament. Weather permitting I will be there.  Missed last year because of the storm. Be careful, crokinole can be addictive !  :)

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