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The Golden Horseshoe Crokinole Tournament

Hi everyone. It's time to register for this tournament. Crokinole is growing and it should be even bigger than last year. For the American players living near the New York Throughway the tournament is an easy drive from the border. Consider driving on Friday, staying overnight in Hamilton, and driving back Sat evening. Don't let Ontario players will all the prizes. Remember, your dollar goes further in Canada. You will require a passport (or enhanced drivers license) though.

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Ontario Open Singles Tournament May 5, 2018

Hello Crokinole players. There are 42 entries to this tournament. We can accommodate more. send in your late entry. We will be happy to see it. If you cannot decide until the last minute just show up early on the day of the tournament. We can most likely fit you in. Come on out for the final tournament of the crokinole tour and see the finish. Either Nathan Walsh (current leader) or Justin Slater (coming from behind) will win the tour. It will be a great day.

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Golden Horseshoe

Hi everyone. There is still room for a half-dozen more entries. Shrug off those mid-winter blues and come and play crokinole.

The forecast is for warm weather with the tiniest amount of rain. The drive from anywhere should be easy. Send your late entry in.


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Ontario Doubles Championship

Next Saturday this is being played in Brucefield (on the road to London). Don't be fooled! Even though this is being held in a small town it may be the strongest doubles tournament ever held in the World! Come out and be a part of it and see the new strong teams (perhaps you)  challenge the old guard. Be a part of it!

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The tournament is on Saturday. We have 40 registered and can accommodate up to 15 more. You can register or show up early on tournament day and we will try to accommodate you. Some top players will be missing but we are expecting many new players. Come out and play the game.

Fred Slater

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The Quinte Crokinole Challenge

Thanks to Dave Brown and company for a great day of crokinole. The tournament was well organized and the complimentary lunch was delicious. The semi-finals were Justin Slater (of Kingston) over Nathan Walsh and Ray Beierling over Matt Brown. The Quinte convention was in effect for tie breaking in the head-to-head matches. Although slightly more complicated than the Wimbledon Rule, the Quinte Convention is extremely fair and eliminates the advantage of starting second.

The finals were…


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Intergalactic Championship

On Tues. July 28 I attended the once a month tournament at the Emmet Ray Pub in Toronto. There were some pretty good players that have not been exposed to the NCA. I will try to get some of them to play in NCA tournaments and to adopt our scoring system.

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Dedicated to Crokinole

So you think you are a crokinole enthusiast because you wear a special t-shirt. Taylor McMeekin is truly a dedicated player. (Tatoo artist is Wes…


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Unusual arrangement of the molecules

At the last St. Jacobs Crokinole Club session on Mar 23, 2015 something very unusual happened. In the warmup at my table a disk ended up leaning on another disk. i.e. part of the disk was on another disc and the lower edge of the disk was on the board. No posts were involved. In my years of playing I had never seen this happen before. I have seen one disc on top of another many times but never a leaner like this. In a later round of play I was called over to another board to observe a second…


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2015 BC championships

The BC tournament is perhaps the strongest crokinole championship outside of Ontario. (The Lewiston NY tournament is a special case since it is dominated by Ontario players) It is held annually in Oliver BC (in the Okanagan Valley) and now organized by ED and Darlene Ripley. This year it is on Saturday March 7. There is still time to enter. One can fly to either Vancouver (check the weather in the mountains) or Kelona (less risky weather wise.) and drive to Oliver. At least 2 players from…


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Alternative last minute predictions

World Singles - Nathan Walsh

Doubles - The Beierlings

20's - Justin Slater

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Ontario Open Singles Crokinole Championship

I hope that everyone will be there for the exciting finale to the season. Saturday May 10, 10:30 A.M.  3 Water Street (2nd floor), St Jacobs. Please come even if you haven't registered. We will accommodate you. Come and stop Brian or Justin from winning again.  There is no charge for spectators who would be very welcome.

Fred Slater

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Evening of Crokinole

Settling in for an evening of crokinole. Miniature board and table by Elmer Cook. Dollhouse photo by Anna Todorovich.

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An evening pf crokinole

Getting ready for an evening of crokinole. Miniature board by Elmer Cook. Dollhouse photo by Anna Todorovich.

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WCC predictions

Yes, predictions are fun. I agree completely with the top 5 players mentioned by Nathan. The final four will probably come from these 5. It is possible for others to play well and beat one of them but it is very difficult to beat enough of them to win. I predict Justin and Brian will be the finalists.

Dark horses have been mentioned and I will add to the list. I don't know if these players are coming to Tavistock but the BC players Quin Erzinger and Julian Chalmers should qualify in…


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The BC Championships

The BC open championships will be held Saturday March 16/13 Ontario players taking part are Clare Kuepfer and Joe Arnup. Joe will be playing with his sister Val (last year's recreational doubles winner) They should be one of the favorites in the open doubles. Good luck to the Ontario players!!

Local contenders will be Quin Erzinger (2011 champion), Adrian ?, and Julian Chambers (if he is playing). Young player Jordan Ripley might be a threat.

Every adult player will get…


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Crokinole on CBC

On Friday, March 1, 2013 Crokinole was talked about on the program "Living out loud" as an example of things starting with the letter "C". The story of Jamie McDonald's participation in the recreational division of the WCC was told. One can listen to the program on the CBC website.

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Tie-breaking rules

Brian cook once expressed the opinion that he thought all ties should be broken by arm wrestling. That was before he met Val Arnup, winner of the recreational doubles in the 2012 BC championships.

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Welcome to out-of-town players

Welcome to Jim Farris from Kentucky. Make sure Jim, that you introduce yourself to us at Tavistock.

Is anyone else coming from a long distance?

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Tavistock predictions:

I will make the first predictions.

One of Jason Beierling, Brian Cook, or Justin Slater will win the open singles.

Other contenders: Ray Beierling, Jon Conrad, Eric Miltenberg, Paul Brubaker

Long-shot: Joe Arnup

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