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Holiday Cold Snap ending soon! Time to Warm UP for the Golden Horseshoe Tournament

  details available at  …


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Golden Horseshoe January 30th. It's Hammer time!




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Pictoral Round-up of 2014-2015 Season's Tournament Winners Leading up to St. Jacobs Finale

Top Champions in this year's NCA sanctioned events. Room for one more at the upcoming St. Jacobs Finale, as well as the awarding of the 2014-2015 NCA Season Champion.

Last chance to improve your overall ranking in the NCA standings. It's finger-flicking good!

photo credits: Oliver Daily News for the BC Oliver doubles

Clare Kuepfer for Forest City,…


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Golden Horseshoe Tournament Cell number

Golden Horseshoe cell number in case you need to call the day of the tournament:  416-858-6734

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Golden Horseshoe Tournament, Saturday January 31st.

Holidays are over, time to see how the prowess you showed at family gatherings can stack up against the rest of the Crokinole Community. Did you make any New Year's resolutions? I'm guessing at the top of the list you promise yourself that this year - yes, THIS YEAR, you will make that shot, win that match, hoist that trophy, snatch those winnings and humbly accept the…


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Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship May 10

Be there at the Grand Finale, it looks to be a fierce finish, you don't want to miss this one!

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Golden Horseshoe Crokinole V, This Saturday January 25th, Hamilton.

Final call for the Golden Horseshoe Tournament in Hamilton this weekend.  Looks like there will be a decent turnout for this year's tourney. Will last year's winner, Ray Beierling, return to defend his title and further his chances after wins in Lewiston and Brucefield or will the various other winners, a different one in all the other events, make it a pair to catch up with…


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Crokinole on Global Willard's workshop.

For those of you who have seen 'Crokinole: The Movie' which recounted personalities and events leading up to the 2004 World Crokinole Championships. You have a pretty vivid idea of what goes on in Willard Martin's workshop. Has fame changed 'the name that launched a thousand boards', since then? Nope.

Check out this March 18 Global New feature:…


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Trying to post the link again, thanks for the heads-up Clare.

Try this as a link to the NCA website

National Crokinole Association

(okay, tried it in the preview and it works - for now)


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Golden Horseshoe Tournament Hamilton Saturday 26th 2013

Okay, you've done Christmas, New Year's etc. Had a wonderful time with family and friends it is hoped. But now it's time to get back to 'reality' and your crokinole career.

The NCA website is down temporarily, so for those of you who don't like to print out those map details until the last minute. Or commit yourself to coming until the last minute. Fear Not! Here are the details.

The forecast for Saturday looks cold but clear, so welcome all to this opportunity to ice…


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Clif has posted a couple of extra links for anyone having trouble seeing that TV piece about Crokinole in the Okanagan

Read Clif's news below and check out the video, it's well worth it.

Recently Shaw TV did a 3 min. spot on Crokinole. It was on but some had trouble viewing it there. It can also be found on the Shaw…

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Golden Horseshoe Tournament, TOMORROW Saturday January 28th

Golden Horseshoe Tournament ready to roll tomorrow. We still have room for a few more if you just realized there's no hockey tomorrow or NFL football, or you just got informed the wedding is off ;^) See details in the Golden Horseshoe post below.

May the Flick be with you.

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George Cook

    I have some sad news to pass on to the crokinole community. On Tuesday of last week George Cook, a founder and member of the executive of the Toronto Crokinole Club, as well as one of the keenest supporters of the game coming from a crokinole clan of note,…


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Golden Horseshoe Tournament - January 29, 2011

Only a few days left but still a few seats available.

Details available on the NCA site tournament page.

Have a look at photos from last years event.…


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Saskatchewan, World Crokinole Championship 26th year!

Talk about hiding your crokinole board under a bushel basket. What can you do with those modest folks out West, you have to toot their own horn for them.


Why does everything about this game have to be such a mystery?


Merry Christmas to all.

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Weather outside is frightful, but the Crokinole is just delightful

Is it true that, like snowflakes, no two discs are alike? ;^p Oh yeah, that old can of worms. Well, I just put that in because it evoked a winter theme. Actually I get the feeling that the old croke board sees more activity in the winter, especially the favoured 'family fracus' over Christmas, than it does at the cottage on a rainy day? Not so?

Anyway here is a nice piece on a hotly contested tournament that apparently takes place yearly running up to Christmas time for charity at CTV…


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Flash! B.C. tournament last Saturday 20 March update.

Well I guess Clif is taking a well-deserved rest after running the big show out west over the weekend and Ray is either still out there or jet-lagged from the trip back. So how did it go? Well from the media reports it seems to have been a great success with 64 partcipants and ..... well, you can read it for yourself by following the link below:…


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