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Victoria Day Crokinole

Looking for some more practice before the World Championships? Looking to compete with the best players from Canada?

Look no further than some crokinole in Hamilton on Victoria Day, as Ontario welcomes one of the best players from British Columbia for the Quin Erzinger Classic Crokinole Tournament. (The event title was my idea.)

Tournament details and information can be found in the attachment.

Looking forward to seeing you there!…


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Pictoral Round-up of 2014-2015 Season's Tournament Winners Leading up to St. Jacobs Finale

Top Champions in this year's NCA sanctioned events. Room for one more at the upcoming St. Jacobs Finale, as well as the awarding of the 2014-2015 NCA Season Champion.

Last chance to improve your overall ranking in the NCA standings. It's finger-flicking good!

photo credits: Oliver Daily…


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Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship

NCA%20Finals%20St.Jacobs%20poster-2015.docx   Only three weeks left to sign up for the NCA Tour Finale.

   Saturday May 02/2015 in up town St.Jacobs ON.

   Easy access from all directions, Lots of free parking.

   Warm atmosphere ....short carpet throughout play area.



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Unusual arrangement of the molecules

At the last St. Jacobs Crokinole Club session on Mar 23, 2015 something very unusual happened. In the warmup at my table a disk ended up leaning on another disk. i.e. part of the disk was on another disc and the lower edge of the disk was on the board. No posts were involved. In my years of playing I had never seen this happen before. I have seen one disc on top of another many times but never a leaner like this. In a later round of play I was called over to another board to observe a second…


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2015 BC championships

The BC tournament is perhaps the strongest crokinole championship outside of Ontario. (The Lewiston NY tournament is a special case since it is dominated by Ontario players) It is held annually in Oliver BC (in the Okanagan Valley) and now organized by ED and Darlene Ripley. This year it is on Saturday March 7. There is still time to enter. One can fly to either Vancouver (check the weather in the mountains) or Kelona (less risky weather wise.) and drive to Oliver. At least 2 players from…


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WOW, my first tournament.

WOW.  It was a really fun time.  My first crokinole tournament.  Crokinole is definitely a fun game for the family, but gather these families for a competition and you have a party.  I was a little apprehensive about the day.  It turned out to be a fun learning experience.

I learned a lot about the game of crokinole.  If I thought that my new board was fast, I was amazed by the speed of the tournament boards.  So many boards in one place.  The wax that I thought was unimportant, plays…


Added by Jacob Westerhof on February 3, 2015 at 4:00am — 2 Comments

Golden Horseshoe Tournament Cell number

Golden Horseshoe cell number in case you need to call the day of the tournament:  416-858-6734

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Crokinole, Croquinole everywhere.....

Don't you have those moments when something becomes relevant to you, they seem to pop up everywhere.  If someone you knows buys a red pickup, every other vehicle on the road is a red pickup.  When, a friend mentions a particular app for their phone, you start to notice that all your acquaintances are using that app.

Well the same seems to have happened to me.   Just before Christmas, I got this inspiration to have a family crokinole board, so I put one on my list and let my…


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Golden Horseshoe Tournament, Saturday January 31st.

Holidays are over, time to see how the prowess you showed at family gatherings can stack up against the rest of the Crokinole Community. Did you make any New Year's resolutions? I'm guessing at the top of the list you promise yourself that this year - yes, THIS YEAR, you will make that…


Added by Eric Miltenburg on January 11, 2015 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment

Crokinole alive across Canada

Over the last several months, I got interested in Crokinole again.  Having grown up with a board in the house, it was a fun game between family members and crossed generational gaps with games with grandparents happening at all special occasions.  My brother and I are into any games where we can complete, so we played crokinole, mastermind, monopoly, shuffleboard and many other games endlessly.

The game of crokinole is simple enough to allow anybody to play and spectators…


Added by Jacob Westerhof on January 9, 2015 at 8:30am — 1 Comment

Belleville Crokinole Challenge - September 20, 2014

Hello fellow crokinole players.  The folks in Belleville are looking forward to hosting their 4th annual crokinole tournament on Saturday September 20th.  

We are excited to introduce a social evening that will be held Friday September 21st at the wonderful and historical Belleville Club.  We have learned through the many trips to Western Ontario that it is a real benefit to organize a stay at a hotel close to the venue.  Work is currently being performed to find a hotel that…


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The Crew from the QRCC (Quinte Regional Crokinole Club) met last night to discuss the logistics of our upcoming Sept. tourney!  Exciting changes in the works - stay tuned!

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2014 Crokinole Links

A few news stories have been up about crokinole, and there are sure more to come. Feel free to add a few links as you come across new stories.

BBC "The World" Radio Essay:

CTV follows the Grasby's as they prepare for the tournament: …


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Alternative last minute predictions

World Singles - Nathan Walsh

Doubles - The Beierlings

20's - Justin Slater

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Ontario Open Singles Crokinole Championship

I hope that everyone will be there for the exciting finale to the season. Saturday May 10, 10:30 A.M.  3 Water Street (2nd floor), St Jacobs. Please come even if you haven't registered. We will accommodate you. Come and stop Brian or Justin from winning again.  There is no charge for spectators who would be very welcome.

Fred Slater

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Ontario Singles Crokinole Championship May 10

Be there at the Grand Finale, it looks to be a fierce finish, you don't want to miss this…


Added by Eric Miltenburg on May 6, 2014 at 11:22pm — 1 Comment

"Another Season Comes To A close At The St.Jacobs Crokinole Club"


       2013 World Champ Leads The Pack!  Tight race for third and fourth place.


               "New members Welcome"    …


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Golden Horseshoe Crokinole V, This Saturday January 25th, Hamilton.

Final call for the Golden Horseshoe Tournament in Hamilton this weekend.  Looks like there will be a decent turnout for this year's tourney. Will last year's winner, Ray Beierling, return to defend his title and further his chances after wins in Lewiston and Brucefield or will the various other…


Added by Eric Miltenburg on January 21, 2014 at 11:31pm — 2 Comments

Evening of Crokinole

Settling in for an evening of crokinole. Miniature board and table by Elmer Cook. Dollhouse photo by Anna Todorovich.

Added by Fred Slater on December 24, 2013 at 8:07am — No Comments

An evening pf crokinole

Getting ready for an evening of crokinole. Miniature board by Elmer Cook. Dollhouse photo by Anna Todorovich.

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