Who's having the most fun? ... and how much of it. And how do I find out?

There's a way to measure that?  No not really. But if you're starting to get jealous of the tykes in 'peewee' or 'atom', or whatever those leagues in hockey, soccer etc. are called, because they have their own sportscard and you commiserate with yourself: "Gee I wish I had my own sportcard, I wish I were good at something."

Well, stop feeling for yourself - you're reading this so you must have some crokinole chops. Right? All you need are stats and a flattering photo (Remember 'The Beast from the East').  Well, if any of this makes you curious but you have enough numbers to juggle just doing your taxes (yuck),  then click on over to Nathan Walsh's blog "The Crokinole Centre" and let him spell it all out for you.


Read the latest on where the top 50 players sit - those 'one cheek' wonders. (Hey, haven't you clobbered half those guys at one tournament or other? Or was it the other way around?) And if your wondering where Nathan pulls those numbers from - delve into the previous months postings.

If your not reading his blog, your not serious enough about your fun (and if Nathan is too modest to make people aware of his diligent efforts, I'm not averse to doing so - and not just because his calculations keep boosting my spot - well, maybe a little bit because of that.)

And don't forget those sportscards - Crokinole Depot take note - I'd buy a whole set with or without the chewing gum.  Anybody got a Jon 'The Wily Coyote' Conrad to trade for my extra 'get'em while they're hot' Quinte Qrewsers?

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