as promised, here are the results after the first weekend of play in the acc tourney.  we had a great weekend of competitive crokinole.  there were a few upsets and a lot of great play.  i would like to point out that our friend jason jacobs was defeated by one of the best female players at the tourney.  still, i wanted to make fun of him for losing to a girl.  just kidding my friend!!  anyway, we are looking forward to next weekend where we are going to have the tournament wrap up.  a big thanks go out again to the chris brothers, who put on another great event.  it should also be mentioned that even though i got paired in the first round against the great kevin chris, i outlasted him to move on to the elite eight.  preet was wondering about payouts and i do believe that it is $1,920 for first, $960 for second and $320 for third.

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Thanks for sending this Decklan, congratulations for making it through so far and good luck on the coming weekend. I have a bunch of things I'm curious about. It's easy to make out that you are playing head-to-head, best two out of three games and that you are scoring the board point totals rather than what I usually play - 4 rounds to game - 2pts for a win 1 for a tie and 0 for a loss max score 8pts.
My questions are:
How many rounds make up one game?
Is there any kind of time limit? How much time did this first series take?
How is it that some people have recorded wins 'W-0'?
Do you play with 8 discs or 12 discs each?

Maybe it simpler if I just ask if there is any place I can find the rules and procedures for this tournament? Or if you have them could you post them?

One last question? If I remember correctly, Dorothy mentioned that at some matches she attends people bring their own board and then people flip a coin or something to determine which board gets played on. Are the boards at the Assiniboia Tournament brought by the participants also or is that looked after by the hosts and are they all the same?

However, keen as I am to know the answers to all these questions, I don't want to take too much time out of your pre-finals training schedule, so I'm quite content to wait until after the weekend for any answers or have anyone else familiar with this tournament or ones like it to fill me in on the details.

In my admittedly limited experience of tournaments, I've never been to one that stretched over 2 weekends. Might be a whole different psychology going into that - can I take it that you know most of the other players? I have read somewhere that the precursor, of sorts, to the Tavistock match was a tournament that took place in Goderich Ontario that would last for the whole of Spring Break. I think Joe Fulop, Brian Cook and the Beierlings had some experience there. Maybe they can fill in any details or correct any misperceptions I have of that gathering.

Thanks again Decklan,
Always good to hear that Crokinole is alive and well in lots of other places and I'm grateful to all who will tell me of their experiences
sorry to take too long to get back to the discussion. anyway, to answer your questions……..

- to play a match, consists of the best of 3 games, with the games going to 100. we use 12 discs.

- there is no time limit to the matches. some matches obviously go longer than others, especially when the competition gets good. as you can see from the tournament bracket, the games that were W-0, went by fairly fast, but the games that were W-90 for example, may have taken quite a while to play. We started play with the first round at 4pm on saturday. that round, consisting of 16 games, lasted well into the night. i think we had 12 tables, so 8 players (4 games) have to wait until other games are finished before they can start. obviously, this only happens for the first round.

- there are also “side games” for people knocked out of the tournament. theses games do not start until most, if not all of the tournament games are completed and alcohol may or may not be a factor by that point. the second weekend of play, there will be 4 tables available right away for side games to take place.

- we only played two rounds of matches this past weekend, the 16 opening matches on saturday with the other 8 matches going on sunday, starting at 1pm.

- as for the boards, each player brings his own board and discs. the playing area must be “tournament-size”, which i forget what it is (i know my board qualifies) but I think it is a 13 inch radius per board. there is no rule on how big the ditch is, however, so that can vary. also, we don’t specify between octagonal or round boards. i would bet that about two thirds are round, but it really makes for interesting play when you’re not used to playing on both.

- we flip a coin to decide who’s board is used in the first and third (if necessary) games. in order for the boards to qualify for play however, they must be in relatively good shape, with no blemishes . some asian guy brought in a board that was hideous, and we almost made him forfeit his game just for bringing it in. he obviously didn’t get to use it.

- on a little bit of a lighter note, a bat caused quite a stir as it somehow got in the room and interrupted play. it was comical, but quickly handled by the chris brothers’ organizational staff.

anyway, hope this answers most of your questions. happy halloween.
Hey Eric (and others following the Eagen-fitzgerald story),

Did you notice that there is an eagen in the competition? I'm guessing that a W-0 means a score of 100-0, in which case Rhonda Eagen had a couple of the most convincing wins so far. Interesting.

Looks like a great tournament, although a tough bracket could cost you big time. With that much money on the line, It'd be nice to round robin for seedings going into the single elimination. I'd love to enter it, but the 2 weekends would make it impossible for us ontarians.
Holy Mackerel! You're right Joe! An Eagan! At long last ...

Now I await the weekend results with bated breath.

Go Decklan Go!
I knew that you would take a shot at me for that. The truth is that Tannis is one of, if not the best, women in the city. Although she does have a pretty tough test ahead of her when she face Plumbsy. I would wish you good luck for the weekend, but my only purpose is to show up and get in some side games. I hope I can win back my entry fee.


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