I'm all for discussing, open debates and sharing in all things crokinole. My question is this: by having two established forums with (at least not to my knowledge) no means of unifying the two, are we potentially hurting the ongoing quality and meaningful longevity of discussions that could take place in a centrally located forum? Or is the benefit (having multiple sites=more resources=people gaining exposure to the game) outweighing the loss (confusion as to which forum to use/keep up with and the loss of interest due to too much switching back and forth). I'm kind of at this crossroads right now, even though I am aware that posts aren't made every day on either forum (yet). It would be nice to address this now before (fingers crossed) we have so many people interested in posting that it becomes an issue. I'd love to hear other people's thoughts on the topic and even the potential for fusing the two together.

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Only two? Facebook, Yahoo, and Boardgamegeek all have forums too off the top of my head, and I'm pretty sure I've seen more. I just check them all out once in a while to see if there is anything interesting. This one seems to be geared more towards the clubs though and hopefully unifying a club league in the future so we can all start getting paid! LOL
I think eventually everyone will find their niche and excel at it,

Thanks for the insight, Brian. I can now see the logic in having the 2 be distinguished. I'm also glad to see the continuous rate that people are joining (like myself) to expand the Crokinole community and at the same time put my worries to rest.

On another note, when are you Easterners coming out west? There's quite a few Saskatchewan farmers that would love a showdown...
Hahaha... Us "Easteners" wouldn't want to make you look too bad! :) You do know Ontario is the "Canadian Capital of Crokinole"!
Yes, yes, so we've heard. In case we forget, there is always an Ontarian around to remind us.
would be great to have some kind of Briar Cup of Crokinole.... the rivalry would be instantaneous.
Why not eh Brian. Serious why not raise the 1st place prize for Tavistock Tournament to $10K? You got 10 time payout but I would bet more than 20 time the interest and 20 time more credible for being a national championship? If you want people to fly in and truly get best in Canada instead of best in Southwest Ontario. Sorry if it not possible just thinking out loud.

I don't think Tavistock is the right venue. It is great the way it is. They do a lot of events. People play for the trophy anyways. The money isn't really important. People would show up regardless of any cash prize I think. If you've never been, you really should make the trip and experience it for what it is. A hockey arena jammed full of crokinole tables and every event pretty much sold out. The sights and sounds are fantastic.

To do a nationals, you would need clubs, provincials, and something like the NCA to coordinate a finals.

If you are a great cash player, eventually you may want some recognition and hardware to show off. The reverse is probably true too. A tournament champion might want to see how steady he/she is when a wad of cash is on the line.

I'm rambling too.
I certainly not saying I am great. Not even top 5 where I play in the Ottawa Valley! Maybe not even top 10 if one were too take in the diferent clubs although I think our club is best club. I have much respect you all playing for trophy-only just throwing ideas on frying pan to bring all regions of Canada toghether. Thank you Brian I should just make sure I go to Tavistock next time too see what its all about B4 I comment. I am sorry.

We play fairly often in the West-End of Ottawa. Why not come out for a couple games so you can get a chance to play on the pro-boards??

In 2011 Ottawa will also be hosting the 3rd annual Eastern Ontario Crokinole Challenge.. let me know if you're interested in trying-out to be part of the 4 person team that will represent Ottawa.

Matt - Ottawa Crokinole Club
Hi Matt,

I'm not sure what you call the west end but if your the ones who play on that club near King Edward just east of the Rideau Centre I probably would not go out there again. I just did not feel safe and I mean no offence if that's where your taking about. What you mean by pro-boards Matt?

No, that must be a different club... We play in Nepean or Kanata.. We play on World Championship quality boards. Let me know if you're free to come out for some games.


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