After watching Crokinole the DVD, I have some questions about the Tavistock event?

  • Is Bruce's Lite n Natural Liquid Paste Wax with Cleaner still used on the boards?  What powder is used at the WCC? Mespi?
  • What are those lightweight, but sturdy tables used for the "main event"?  Where can they be found/obtained?
  • Does the Cues category use Lazy Susans or is the 1-cheek rule in effect for that category as well?  Do player's bring their own cues or are standard ones tournament supplied?

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

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I can answer a few of those.

The cues category does use lazy susans, and for consistency (even though it's not necessary), the one cheek rule is still in effect. Players are also required to bring their own cues to the event.

I don't think that they use the same "Bruce Lite" board cleaner, but I can't be certain.


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