Hi: I am new to this site.
I played a long time ago and either my memory is bad or the rules have changed. We played that the shot man had to contact the opponents man first or the shot man was removed from the playing surface.
Could someone please state this rule in no uncertain terms.
Hope the rule changed....haha
Thanks Bruce.

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Hello Bruce, Welcome back to crokinole. I suggest that you review the competitive rules at


If you have any questions please ask. These rules have developed out of experience in the clubs  and tournaments of Ontario. They are compatible with the rules for the world championships in Tavistock.

Fred Slater

Thanks. I saw these and if I read them correctly. I do not have to hit my opponents man first and if I do not hit the opponets man at all, all man that moved on the shot are removed from the board. Is this correct?
Thanks Bruce

Hi Bruce,

When I read Rule 3, a "valid shot" indicates that you MUST strike an opposing man (either directly or indirectly) if there are any opponent discs on the board. 

If you miss, then your disc is removed and any of your discs that you struck (in an attempt to indirectly strike) are also removed.  Any of your discs that were not stuck are left as they sit.  No opposing discs are removed, since you failed to hit them.

If no opposing discs are on the board (ie your first turn), then you do not need to hit the non-existent disc.

I don't think the rules changed, just refined for those tricky situations that we would need Mom to rule on (back in the old days).


Thanks for the reply. I must be stupid but I am having a problem with the directly or indirectly part.
Can I hit my disc first, as long as it hits my opponets disc, everything is ok. If I do not hit my opponets disc then all of my man that moved on the shot are removed. Is this correct?
We played that your shot disc must hit your opponets disc before it hits one of your discs that was on the board. If not then your shot disc is removed.
Sorry but I really want to understand this rule.

We play it that any strike is a good strike, so as long your opponent is stuck, it doesn't matter how. (Yes, you can hit your disc first)

We play that only those discs involved in a missed shot are removed, not necessarily all your discs, so any of your discs that move, are removed (even if one went into the 20 slot, it is removed and does not count).

But, I hope someone with judging expertise can provide some guidance if that is right or wrong....


Thanks Jacob, that answers my question. The rules have changed in 50 years. As I stated before, the disc you struck must contact your opponets disc before it hits one of your dics or it is an invalid shot, and the disc you shot is removed from the playing surface.
We will try the other way and see.
My sister got a board and has a valid point about fouls and 20s. Does a foul involve removing all accumulated 20s during a round? Her argument based on the rules that came with her Willard is that it says 'any 20s'. That seems excessively punative, but a foul is a foul. I interpret it to mean any 20s made during that fouled shot. She thinks it includes all 20s made during the round based on the idea that a 20 is only removed to make room for more 20s and is in spirit still on the board. She has a good point. Any thoughts?

Hello Adam,  Rules coming with a crokinole board vary from maker to maker and are often based on what I call "Old Ontario Rules". It is better to use the modern competitive rules http://www.nationalcrokinoleassociation.com/resources/NCA%20Rules%2...  which make for a more interesting game. In this case your interpretation sounds correct. I don't know where you are located but perhaps you would like to participate in one of the crokinole tournaments organized by the National Crokinole Association or in the "World Championships".

Fred Slater

Hi Adam, to clarify removing "any 20's made", the NCA rule # 3.b states that:

  "lf on any turn, a valid shot is not made, then the shooting disc and all of the other discs that were struck, including any 20's made, shall be removed, considered out-of-play, and shall not score "

The important word here is "turn" not round or game.therefore only a 20 made on that shot would be removed.  Hope this helps.



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