My opponent in a recent game made a "20" and one of his other discs ended up on top of it.

We pulled the disc out, of the 20 hole, but could not figure out where to put the disc that landed on top. 

 Any suggestions on placement or potential scoring of the top disc?

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I'm fairly certain you would have to place it in the twenty hole and score it.  Where else could you put it?

Hello Jim. I'm the person who compiled the rules (with much help from others) that you can find on this site. I am aware that this situation is not dealt with explicitly in the rules, and that eventually it should be. My suggestion is that when one disc lands on top of another and is not touching any part of the board or any other disk, it should count exactly the same as the disc on which it sits. In the case that you describe, both discs would count as 20's and be removed from the board.

Thanks, we did count it as a "20". We are attempting to start a Crokinole club here in Louisville, Kentucky and want ot make sure we follow the rules properly. I am also, planning on participating in the WCC next month and look forward to the all the tournament's activities. I hope to see you there.

Definitely an interesting scenario. I have once asked about this particular situation to the Head Referee of the WCC. He described that the one sitting in the 20 hole would count, but that a disk sitting on top would be placed back on the board as a "leaner" because, as the rule states, "the disc was not lying flat in the 20 hole to be counted as a 20".

Personally, I'd like to see the rule used in the way Fred describes, but that is the information I was given, even though it is not explicitly described in the rules.


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