Would our esteemed tournament organizers comment on the brand and type of powder used at the WCC and other NCA tour events?

Nathan kindly pointed me at: http://mlkshk.com/r/H0IN

I've also seen: http://mlkshk.com/r/H0I1

Your comments are much appreciated.

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Check out this link:


I use Sun Glow #5.

     I tried #1, but did not like it, You can find this product at a billiard store near you.


Thanks for the response, Clare.  Can you contrast the differences between the two? 

I have been given Sun Glo #3 (Brown Bear) and the powder that Willard Martin ships (can anyone tell me what that is?).  I fine both of them too much like sand:  the grains are large and the discs seem to travel less smoothly.

I have very much enjoyed playing with Mespi Carrom powder, which is ridiculously fine.  I barely put a 1/2 teaspoon in front of each player and it seems to last many games.

I'd really like to know what variety is used at the WCC, I aspire to attend sometime in the future.

The Sun Glow #5 is consdered a slower speed and is finer than # 1.  The number one is too coarse and too unpredictable. Actually a good coat of carnuba  (paste)  wax  and well buffed,(discs also) I find you really don't need much powder.

I would like to try Mespi Carrom powder, but don't know where to get it.

I found Mespi available at http://www.timewellspentgames.com. I found it much faster than fresh waxing alone.

The game play seemed to start looking like Nathan Walsh's videos of tournament matches with discs that seem to float as if on ice.
Clare, do you find the #5 to be comparable to the powder used at the WCC?

I think it is a little finer.


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