Check out the "clubs" section at to see info on current clubs in Ontario and the "Rest of the World"

Are you interested in starting a new club?
If so, here are some suggestions:
1) inform the WCL as we are in contact with all the known crokinole clubs (~25 of them) and we may be able to find potential players to join you
2) get all interested potential new members to your club to come to your inaugural event. You can discuss: other potential players, who has quality boards to use, potential places to play, how often the club will play, will the club play singles? doubles? mixture of both? change each time?
3) scoring, stats, schedules - the WCL can help you properly prepare for your events or help take your club "to the next level"
4) promotion: make a list of all the free event listings in your area, put up posters at: work, where you live, community centers, senior centers
5) promote your group here on the WCL
6) any other suggestions out there???

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Does our club have to be registed somehow with the WCL, if so, is there a fee? What about an application form etc... are there any guidelines we must to follow etc... ????

Thanks Deb
Hi Deb,
I'll try to answer your questions based on my own experience. The WCL is a kind of umbrella group that was formed to assist crokinolers in any given area to get together and play more regularly than just once a year at Tavistock or just ad hoc at home or the cottage with family and friends.
There's no fee or application form but if you have a group that wants to meet together regularly and attract other interested players in your area then this is a great resource for finding out how other clubs organized and whether any of the horde that descends on Tavistock that first Saturday in June are in your area and pining for the chance to play more people more often.

If you fill out similar information to what I submitted below, and send it to me or

Greg Matthison:

you'll be well on your way to being a Crokinole Club. You don't have to be big, you can be playing out of somebody's basement, all you need is to want to play crokinole and find people who feel the same way. Then we can carve you out your own little corner for your crokinole club here on the online community and everyone will benefit.

Sound good?

"Get organized, Get Crokinole!"
below is an example of the details most clubs submit. Check out how others have described their clubs at:

Club Toronto
Contact Eric Miltenburg
Phone 416 656 5392
Club Location Ferret & Firkin, Global Village English School
Members 20
Type Fingers
Format Mixed
Start Date Nov-08
Time 1)7-10pm, 2)1-4pm
Frequency Semi-monthly: 1)2nd Tuesday, 2)last Saturday
Atmosphere Competitive
New Members YES
Tournament YES
History Started in fall 2008

The link supplied ( ) does not work. Just thought I should let you know.

I am very interested in establishing a club for Regina, Saskatchewan. The previous gentleman that was hgoing to start a club has since moved away and the initiative falls to me. If there are any Saskatchewan based clubs or interest, I would like to know. Look forward to getting something off the ground.

Hi Matt,

We changed our URL earlier and we didn't update this section until just now.

Go to and click on "clubs".
Thank you. Very helpful. Now I have to get to work and get something established for Regina, Saskatchewan! :)


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