I recently began a meandering journey that began with only a few innocent questions. It began when I got my Mayday Crokinole board and started introducing a game to my family that I'd played as a child in Europe and had long forgotten. On the BGG Crokinole forum, many of us were asking questions about wax, action of discs (Mayday specifically and in general), concave/convex (C/C) vs flat discs, who made the best, and whare to buy them. I ran into many assumptions and much misinformation; and, what should have been an easy thing to resolve quickly turned into a mass of convoluted confusion. Leaving aside how I finally arrived at the end, here is what I found out.


-"Willard" makes the boards used at the WCC and delivers the boards (and associated discs) to "Crokinole Depot" (who supplies the WCC).
-"Crokinole Depot" delivers the "Willard" boards ONLY to the WCC along with THEIR OWN C/C discs. The "Willard" discs are held back and sent out with the used WCC boards when they are sold.

*The WCC uses "Willard" boards, only.
*The WCC uses "Crokinole Depot" C/C discs, only.

-"Willard" advertises on his site that his discs are the ones used at the WCC. Please understand that Willard J. Martin (at "Willard") was making a very honest and logical assumption that his discs were being used at the WCC since they were being ordered with his WCC used boards. They are not, but it was simply a humbling misunderstanding between him, the WCC, and Crokinole Depot (the actual and ONLY supplier to the WCC). "Crokinole Depot" said that "Willard" discs MAY be used, at some time, in the future.


One of the people that I was fortunate enough to contact was Brian Cook. He was very instrumental in steering me in the right directions to find out what he was also unaware of, - that the "Willard" discs are NOT the ones being used at the WCC, but the ones from Crokinole Depot", instead.


Is there anything that the NCA can do about standardizing the discs used in the upper levels of competition. Statements of so-called facts are being thrown in forums (and Crokinole sales sites) all over the internet that are simply not true. Standardizing the tournament accessories would be a HUGE help.


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This was a very informantive post. Thanks Lee. My question is who are the Crokinole Depot people? Who is behind it? Or who owns it?

Hi Preet.
The Beierling family I believe are the main owners if not sole owners of the company. They run www.crokinoledepot.com which sells Crokinole Boards and accessories.

The two brothers stand alone at the top of the food chain of Doubles Crokinole Champions, as well as consistently ranking at or near the top of individual play. They run the skills competition at the WCC as well. Ray Beierling is a regular contributer to internet dialogue on various Crokinole forums, blogs, tweets etc. They are both great guys and its wonderful that they contribute so much to the Crokinole World. They are also hosting a doubles tournament next month which in my recollection may be the first of its kind outside of Tavistock!
That is correct. Here is their email to me.

Hello Lee,
You sure did do some digging.
To answer your question, our discs are concave and convex.
When we sell WCC boards, made by Willard, his discs are sent out with the boards.
At the WCC tournament, Willards discs are currently not used. The discs we sell on our site are used.
The WCC is working towards using Willards discs in the future, as their current supply needs upgraded.
I see how you could be confused and I hope this helped.
We will modify our website to help avoid the confusion.

Hopefully, someone, somewhere, sometime, can do something to standardize the discs used at the game's upper levels. If there's no consistancy, there's no credence to a "championship."
As long as the discs are the same on either side of the table, the competition is fair. It would be nice to know if you are practicing with the same discs that they use at Tavistock on the same board with the same slickness and i guess humidity if you want to get an edge or play at your peak.
I think for the most part, Tavistock is a get together, where we can all see each other again and hopefully perform at our peak and get lucky when we need that triple takeout and a twenty. The cream consistently seems to rise to the top and a sprinkling of new faces squeaks into the playoffs each year.
At the NCA level, I think we use club discs at tournaments, and maybe that could be looked into.
I'm glad you brought this up Lee. I find it very imformative and hope to hear more discussion about it ;)
While I totally agree that when the same discs are used between competitors it makes that specific tournament "fair", that doesn't make it fair on a tour-wide (NCA wide) scale. In this sense, of fairness and consistancy of the most basic of equipment (discs), is what I meant by there being no credence to a "championship" of Crokinole, itself. Perhaps, it's due to Crokinole's past niche as a simple, obscure, parlor game, - now, becoming somewhat of a near-sport with an ever-increasing following. I know of no other sport (of any level), or organized and tournament-level pasttime, that allows changes to the specifications of 1/2 of its equipment. Since "flat" discs and "C/C" discs do not play the same (especially within the hands of players attaining finals level in tournament play), the lack of fairness is as much to the players as it is to the fans.
You are correct. My brother Jason and I are the owner/operators of Crokinole Depot. My wife Sarah is a big help as well.

As for our tournament. It is not the first doubles tournament outside of the WCC, but we are hoping to make it an annual event and continue to grow the game. Our numbers are steadily growing and we are recruiting heavily to try to make it the best doubles tournament outside the WCC.

A few years back there was a very talented group that hosted the Canadian Crokinole Doubles Champioship in Kitchener. Jon Conrad will be able to give you all the details on the history of it.

For more information on our tournamnet please visit


Would appreciate everyones support and participation. The players make the tournament, and you are the players!!!

We could also use a couple of volenteers to help with a few small chores (timing, scoring, etc..)
Hi Ray. I mean no offence to this but just trying to assist you and Jason. I tried to go to check out Depot Crokinole and it gave me a virus. Maybe a coinsidence but thought you should know. This may be totally my fault and an issue on my end. If so, I'm truly sorry. This is meant to be an fyi. Thank you for your attention.

With all respect.
I saw your post before and thought someone would have addressed it, by now. I read, last night on another forum, where quite a few others were afraid to go to the site because they were getting warnings from their various search engines (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) that flagged the site as a "threat." It refers the user to a Google address where it explains why the site is being flagged. Basically, it states that possibly a third party hacked into the site and piggybacked onto the site to dissiminate "malware" and, that in the last 90 days. there has been no continuing problems. It further states the site owners can request another test from Google to rectify the problem. I have been informing everyone that I have Webroot Spysweeper (#1 in world) and have never been notified by it that the site has even attempted to infect my PC with malware, adware, viruses, etc., which it surely would have. If one had managed to get past the Webroot firewall, a simple scan would have identified it, put it into quarintine, and deleted it. I can only say that the site has alway been "clean" for me until, and including, last night. I think it is possible that you may have picked up the problem, elsewhere. BTW, I have their site up as I'm writing this.
Hello all,

Thank you for your feedback on our site. We had noticed the warnings and have been working on the warnings. I do not believe our site is dangerous in any way, however we have taken steps to correct it. Please continue to check our site in the next couple of days on the internet browser that you commonly use and let us know if we have fixed our issue or not.

Thank you for you patience and feedback. It is great to know that people are visiting our site and we are looking forward to seeing you all at our tournament in Stratford on the 16th of October.

Crokinole... it is flicking sweet!!
If I recall correctly, this year Black and Red discs were used because there was a big difference between the natural and coloured finish on humid days. I am not 100% sure, but the red discs were new and I am pretty sure they were supplied by Willard.

Either way, Brian M has the right idea. A big part of crokinole, and most sports for that matter, is who can adjust to the surroundings the fastest and the best. Home rink advantage for example.
I would like to add one more quick note.

Although Willard is a direct competitor of ours (Crokinole Depot), I have absolutely nothing bad to say about him. He makes very good and very consistant boards, and stands behind his product. He supplies the WCC with their boards and does a wonderful job. I have only personally spoke with him a few times, but he was very pleasant and he gave us positive and constructive feedback on a few of our introductary products. I myself own a couple of his boards.

One final note. Without Willard the Crokinole movie would be without a star character! A must see for any crokinole fan.
Hi Ray, thanks for jumping in. As far as I'm concerned, you guys are the best. Brian Cook initially told me so, and I increasingly concur. My goal is to simply attempt to spur a conversation amongst players in authority, and us various levels of fans, for the furthering of a unique and wonderful game and associated events. Previously, you emailed me that the boards were Willard's, but that " At the WCC tournament, Willards discs are currently not used. The discs we sell on our site are used". I am confused at the conflicting statements.

Regarding your tournament, I wish you all nothing but the best.

-keep on frickin' flickin'


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