As a new player, introducing the game to our weekend hosts, I came across a bizarre shot.

My opponent shot towards the center, striking one of my discs and then began spinning after contact with the 20 hole.  My opponent blew at the spinning disc and it settled into the 20 hole.   

This doesn't seem within the spirit of standard rules, can someone confirm which rule it violates?

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The rules do not cover this particular situation. In writing a set of rules it is always a trade-off between keeping them simple and readable and covering every possible situation. In a tournament setting, the head referee would be called to rule on the situation.  A referee might rule as follows:

If during a shot a player attempts to influence the trajectory or position of one of his own discs by blowing on it, then the disc involved shall, at the option of his opponent, be removed and not count. (there may be situations where it is an advantage to allow the altered position to remain.)

On further thought, I think that the following might be better: "If, during a shot, a player attempts to alter the trajectory or position of any disc by blowing on it, he/she shall forfeit that round."

The second ruling covers more situations, is simpler, and would discourage undesirable behaviour


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