After watching curling finals on TV, I am thinking that the NCA should adopt a consistent playoff format for ALL tour events.....the Page Playoff System is fair to all of the final 4 participants.

1 vs 2 winner goes straight to final &

loser to play vs winner of 3 vs 4

3 vs 4 winner plays loser of 1 vs 2 with winner going to final

loser is done


Any comments?


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Very interesting.  I like the idea.  Makes the seeding of 1 through 4 in the preliminary more important.  Also gives a second chance to come back if you lose the 1 vs 2 game.  This is something I would consider implementing in a tournament I was running for sure. 

I'd like to see the idea experimented with as it makes for a more interesting playoff segment.

I like the page format in curling because it guarantees the best two teams will play for the title, unlike other sports where the best two teams can eliminate each other by playing in the semifinals after finishing 2nd and 3rd.

I think the best part is that it offers a larger pressure packed games among the elite players of the tournament, and gives spectators an easy way to follow the action, whereas a 4 player round robin is difficult to follow for those who are watching.


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