A few months ago I was watching some YouTube videos when a suggestion came up for this game of Crokinole. I had no idea what this game was, I had never seen the game, heard of the game, and certainly haven't played the game. However, I watched the video (and then another 20 videos) and next thing I knew I was ordering a board. 

Immediately I though about starting a club to share this amazing game, but then realized I know nothing about starting a club. So I am asking for advice on how to start. I have already put some feelers out in the local board game clubs to see if there was an interest, and there was. Maybe 10 or so people have either played or are interested in playing. I have checked around the area and found a few great places to meet. So I guess that part is covered. I have talked to a few other clubs who have offered some great advice on their layout and activities of the meeting. But I still have a few issues I need to work out.

First off, I have only one Crokinole board. I checked around and nobody who was interested or had played actually owns a board. I can't imagine that running a club with one board will work. So how many boards would you recommend starting with? Since I am by no means wealthy, is there a cheap option for obtaining multiple boards?

My next concern is getting people to come. When you started your club, how did you get people to come to your first event? Did you offer food and drink, prizes, etc? I know that once people play they will love the game and want to keep coming back, but I am not sure how to get the first meeting going. 

Finally, I would like to keep things casual at first, and want everyone to have fun. With that being said, there will be some people who know how to play, and others who do not. Do I set up a board or two for people to play on with a local "expert" who can teach them, or do I just let them learn by playing with the seasoned players? I would like to have rule books available to everyone before the get together, but I know that I for one learn a lot better by playing.

So those are just a few concerns. Any advice is very much appreciated. Thank you ahead of time. 

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Hi Greg,

A good place for advice and the official rules is at   http://nationalcrokinoleassociation.com/

There are links to clubs, rules, tournaments, and other websites. Word of mouth works well, keep it interesting for all players and go by what the players want whether it be just recreational or more competitive. It is easier to grow the club if it is recreational. Try to mix the better players with new players. You could have teams stay together and use a round robin schedule, or mix it up by having the winning team move to another table after 1 game (4rounds), but switch partners with the ones who have stayed. Also, the method of counting needs to be determined, either total points at end of the round or, win= 2 points, tie = 1 point, loss =0  Ask someone volunteer to bring a light snack to go with coffee or juice. A small fee of 3-5 dollars could be charged depending on costs. Good luck, may all your shots be twenties!! 

A link to the official scorecard is on the NCA website

Hi Greg,

Apologies if I missed this information; whereabouts were you looking to start this club? I'm from Lansing, MI and your Wolverine hat makes me hopeful that you might be even somewhat local. My friend and I have talked at length about starting a club (we own 5 boards between us), but have only had a couple of very sparsely-attended meetings to date. Cheers!

Hey Josh,

We are looking to start the club in Ringgold, GA (and Chattanooga, TN). I was born in Michigan and lived there most of my life and I am still a huge Wolverines fan! We are still in the "planning" stages and trying to find a good way to get the word out there about the game. We still only have one board which will make it tough at first. Hopefully things will pick up for you and your club. I would be interested in chatting with you to find out how you are getting the word out and if you have found anything that works for you. Cheers!

Well, I've found Clare to be a great resource for running a club and even organizing an event (I know he organizes the Owen Sound NCA tournament every year). I'd take his words to heart, and I'll be sure to post when the time comes that I've gotten things around in Michigan. Go Blue!


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