Last Saturday the 6th NCA season came to a close (a blog on the tournament will be going up soon), and there was a tie between Ray Beierling and Justin Slater for 2nd spot on the Tour.

It's not like this is too rare. In 2010, those 2 tied for 1st place, and last year Ray tied Fred Slater for 3rd.

At the time in 2010 the NCA committee discussed the idea of putting in place tie-breakers for this scenario, and it was decided that the Tour would honour the tie and leave it as is. However I think it's time to rethink that decision. So I have a 2 part question and would love to see some input:

1. Should there be tie-breaker criteria for ties in total points?

My opinion: Yes, I think it is more professional and more interesting to have players solely own a ranking position. It would also be much more convenient for the trophy presentation.

2. What's the best way to break a tie in the Tour rankings?


  • best of 3 match in St. Jacobs
  • most tournament victories
  • ranking based on only singles tournaments
  • ranking based on only Major events
  • most points earned in a player's 5th best tournament
  • most points earned in a player's 4th best tournament

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At 1st glance the best of 3 match after the finals would be the most obvious.

Problem !! Too stressfull, if it involved a player or players that just came off a head to head tie breaker in the final pairing.     Also too lengthy !!


I like ranking based on only singles tournaments. #3


2nd choice, most points earned in a players 4th best tournament. #6 

I would like to see any tie decided by a head to head match, but this adds extra time to the tournament. So how about a mini match of 2 rounds per game, best 2 of 3, this would add about 12 minutes to the day unless there is a tie then use the tie breaker rule. Or how about  1 sudden death match of 4 rounds? (approx.. 8 minutes), winner gets higher ranking. Lets hear your opinion.

My choice would be to use the rule  "most points earned in a player's 5th best tournament,"  and in the event that neither or just one person played more than 4 tournaments, then apply the rule "most points earned in a player's 4th best tournament." I do not think that tied players in the Tour rankings would want to play another match after that long final tournament day.

Good insight everyone. Initially I thought a tie breaking match would be the best, but I can imagine it dragging out to a point where the excitement would become boredom. I'd personally vote for the last option (4th best tournament), and in the case of a tie going up to the 3rd and 2nd highest scoring tournaments.

I expect we'll see more discussion with the NCA committee, and maybe have something in place for the next tour.

I think that extra play is not practical because there is a chance that one or both players may not be at the final event.  It would also add more time and take away from the event winner.

My tie break preferences would be

Out of 4 top scores.

1. Most tournament victories.

Still Tied.

2. Most 2nd place finishes

Still Tied.

3. Most 3rd place finishes

Still Tied.

4. Highest 4th place score.

I am not a fan of using best place finishes from major tournaments, becasue there is already compensation for that.  I also feel that doubles points are equally as hard to earn as singles points.


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