The NCA Committee has decided to post a summary of all of their meetings in order to inform everyone of the lastest decisions, and to invite anyone to provide feedback and suggestions, if they so choose.

The NCA Committee had a Conference Call on Wednesday, November 10. Here are the meeting notes:

Recreational Players: Members of the committee had been requested to survey the recreational players in their respective clubs, in order to determine what limited Recreational players entries into tournaments throughout the year. Some tournaments have been able to bring in Recreational players quite successfully, such as the Exeter Tournament and the BC Tournament. The survey results varied, but a general unwillingness to drive and pay to enter tournaments, as well as spend most of one’s Saturday at a tournament, was expressed. It was suggested that there is not a clear enough divide between the Recreational and Competitive divisions for tournaments. Some surveys suggested that the competitive atmosphere of tournaments draws away from the fun of the game, and discourages more players from showing up. It was noted that both the Exeter and BC tournaments have done a lot of advertising, in the local area, well in advance of their tournament, as well as right up through until their tournament day. It is encouraged that the tournament organizers direct their advertising to the local Recreational Players, in order to get a strong turnout.

NCA Ning Forum: Nathan and Eric presented their plan for the Forum in order to provide sustained interest in the website. They will, with the help of the rest of the committee, try to provoke discussion, and add new and interesting forum topics when there seems to be a lull in the activity. It will be encouraged that tournament results and commentary be added as a new blog, shortly after the completion of the tournament.

Official Rules: Fred and Brian had a productive meeting with the WCC, in their attempt to clarify the rules of the game and try to use similar rules for the NCA and WCC competition. Fred will continue to work on a draft of the WCC document that will provide a clearer understanding of their rules.

Doubles Tournaments: The points for the Stratford Doubles tournament will be counted this year in their staggered format (i.e. 1st place team will receive 1st place NCA points, 2nd place team will receive 3rd place NCA points, 3rd place team will receive 5th place NCA points), as decided at the 2010 Annual General Meeting (AGM). This will be re-opened at the 2011 AGM to discuss whether this format will remain, a separate points classification will be used (such as the separate classifications between the Regular, WCC, and NCA finals tournaments), or if each team member will receive the points awarded for that position (i.e. 1st place team will receive 1st place NCA points, 2nd place team will receive 2nd place NCA points, 3rd place team will receive 3rd place NCA points).

Also, at the NCA Spring meeting, it will be determined whether or not to include the WCC Doubles Tournament, as well as the points awarded for that division, as part of the 2011/2012 NCA Tour.

Joseph Schneider Haus Crokinole Tournament: Deferred to the next meeting.

Growing the Game: Deferred to the next meeting.

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The NCA Committee held a Conference Call on Thursday, January 6, 2011. Here are the meeting notes:


Rules Discussion: This has been deferred to the next meeting. Brian and Fred will follow-up on this topic.

Joseph Schneider Haus Crokinole Tournament: Discussion about this tournament has been deferred to the next meeting with the possibility that a larger venue for the tournament will be sought out. A sub-committee of Alex, Brian, Dave B, and Eric will investigate this topic and report back to the committee.

NCA Ning Forum: Work will continue on the Forum in order to provoke more discussion and interest in the game of crokinole.

Financial: The NCA finances are looking good with trends projecting to have $300 in the bank at the end of this season. It was also discussed to provide funding of about $100 to a student to help with the promotion of the NCA website. Greg will follow-up on this topic.

NCA Tour Events: The Golden Horseshoe Event will be held on Saturday, January 29, in Hamilton. The number of registered players is trending towards the same as it was last year. Eric is preparing an invitation that will have all the necessary tournament details. It will be ready soon. 

 Also, it has been determined that the World Crokinole Doubles event will be included on the NCA Tour points ranking for the 2011/2012 NCA Tour. It has also been determined that the ranking points for all doubles events from this point on will be awarded will each team member earning the full points for their team’s placing. (The 1st place team will receive 1st place points for both partners, the 2nd place team will receive 2nd place points for both partners, 3rd place team receive 3rd place points, etc.) All doubles events will follow the Regular NCA Tour points model, (50 points for 1st place).

Growing the Game: This will be placed as a top priority to discuss in the next meeting.

The Next Meeting: Clif and PEI will be contacted about joining our next conference call, and our NCA committee. The next meeting is proposed for early February.

Thanks for the information Nathan.  We are silent but listening :)

The NCA held a conference call on February 9th, and here are the meeting notes.


 The NCA was very pleased with welcoming Clif Antypowich, from BC, and David Younker, from PEI, to share what they have done in order to create and build successful crokinole groups in their areas. They described that they invested the time and money to advertise their crokinole groups in newspapers and on the radio. They explained that they targeted sponsors, that they would recognize at the next crokinole event, in exchange for some door prizes that would be given away at that event. Similarly, for tournaments, they try to offer many prizes, and keep the tournament fees low for recreational events. Most importantly though, was that they stressed targeting new players and ensuring that they enjoyed their first club night.

PEI boasts and impressive average club member attendance, especially for a province with a population of about 141 000 residents. BC has grown quickly to six clubs, and a very competitive provincial tournament, and surprisingly all of this has happened in a mere six years.

The NCA has now officially accepted a new rules document contributed by Fred Slater. This new rules draft provides a clearer explanation of the rules, and leaves lessroom for misinterpretation. It also provides a clear definition of the much debated issues such as the Spinning Disc Rule and the Promotion Rule. These rules conform with those that, it is understood, will prevail at the World Crokinole Championship at Tavistock. Fred will also create a short list of rules that he will recommend each tournament verbally communicate and explain before play begins.

The Joseph Schneider Haus tournament discussion has been deferred to the next meeting.

In hopes of growing the Eastern Ontario crokinole tournaments, Belleville, Ottawa, Peterborough and other such clubs are encouraged to connect to discuss a date that will work for all clubs. Hanover may also have a tournament in early November, and further discussion about this tournament has been deferred to the AGM.

For the next meeting, members from Saskatchewan and New Brunswick will be contacted, and asked to join the next NCA conference call.

Where is there a copy of the "new rules" document?  Can someone please attach it or send it to me in a private message?  Thanks boys :)

The NCA committee held a conference call on May 2nd. The conference call was hoped to include representatives from some other provinces outside of Ontario, but was unable to do so based on the regional blackout due to the National Election.

An update was given on the recent Joseph Schneider Haus tournament. Players noted a significantly more comfortable playing atmosphere due to the increased space with only five teams competing. It seems as though the Joseph Schneider Haus organizers are keen on continuing to play with just five teams in the upcoming years.

Dave gave an update on the Belleville club, noting that they have changed venues. A few Belleville players will attend the newly formed Kingston club in the upcoming weeks.

Belleville is also preparing to host an NCA event to replace the Kawartha tournament. The Quinte and Belleville groups, along with possibly Ottawa, should provide some more local support, and allow the event to be more successful. Scone has also shown interest in hosting a brand new NCA event as well, in the fall. Tentative dates for the these tournaments were set in an attempt to space out the tournament, preferably once a month, to avoid “crokinole fatigue”. Tentatively, Belleville will set their tournament in late September, with the Stratford doubles tournament being on October 29, and Scone hopefully on November 19 or 26.

A few crokinole rules were discussed as well, and voted to maintain the status quo, until further discussion at the AGM. The first had to do with the possible championship game scenario of a deciding 5th round, in the 3rd game, such as this year’s London event. It was decided that the higher seed, from the previous round will have the choice of who shoots first, rather than having a coin, most likely to give themselves the advantage of having the hammer in the final round. Another suggestion, to be discussed at the AGM, was to find an equitable solution to decide the game fairly, regardless of who has the hammer.

The second decision involved the NCA’s tie breaking rules in the event of a tie in points after the playoff round robin. Tavistock uses the method of the head-to-head tie breaker, and then total 20’s. The NCA voted to maintain the decision used in the London tournament, and have the first tie breaker as total 20’s, followed by head-to-head. This will be discussed further at the AGM.

The final event for the NCA tour will be in St. Jacob’s on Saturday, May 14. All are welcome.

The NCA held a conference call on September 12th, here are the notes.


BC/PEI - Clif (BC), David/Janet (PEI) please advise if you, or someone from your group, is interested in being part of our committee moving forward.  As an FYI we have had various discussions about sending more players to the BC event and organizing a road trip to PEI and it would be good to have a voice for the East and West during our calls (at least at the start of the calls)
Participants (8): Greg M, Ray B, Clare K, Dave B, Fred S, Alex P, Eric M, Nathan W
AGM Notes - Ratified. (Will be posted with Tournament Tips on the web.)
Tournament Tips
- The following items were discussed and this document will be updated by Fred and then posted on the website for all tournament organizers to use as a reference:
Tie Breakers
Indicating which player shoots first in play-offs
How to compare scores when there are an uneven number of players in different pools
Stratford Tourney
- NCA will donate a min of $100 or $3/entry (whichever is higher) and these prizes go towards sending 2+ players to the BC tournament.
Recent Emails  - Emails from Joe Fulop, Howard Martin and Nathan Walsh were reviewed and the following discussed:
- 20s Shoot-out: Belleville to test this new tourney addition
- Handicap Format: local clubs will attemp this in one of their club nights and report back on how it went
NCA Total Cumulative Points Award (or honourable mention)
- Vote was split 4/4 on whether to add this to the tour, and it will be explored in future calls.
Belleville Tournament
- Currently 21+ players are confirmed with 10+ others as potentially attending.
- Support on various tournament questions were addressed, as well as ensuring enough quality boards are available.
BC Tournament
- Ray & Fred are considering attending the BC Tournament, out of the 8 people on the call.
PEI Tournament
- Ray, Clare, Greg, Eric & Nathan are considering joining a road trip to the PEI event. (Plan to finalize plans in late 2010, or January at the latest.)
Future Conference Calls
- Next: mid Nov
- Style: combination of Skype and phone (Skype users will be asked to join 5-10 min early to get organized) 


November 8, 2011


Participants - Greg M, Fred S, Eric M, Howard M, Nathan W, Carole (BC) David Y and Janet (PEI)


The committee was pleased to welcome Carole from BC, who will be taking over for Clif Antypowich in the organization of BC crokinole. David and Jeanette from PEI also joined the call to give us some more information on their tournament and their insights into crokinole.


Recap of Belleville - The committee discussed some of the pros and cons of the Belleville tournament. It was determined that many players enjoyed having the large time clock that all could see in order to see how much time was remaining for each game. The 20’s contest also turned out to be a great success. One issue from the tournament had to do with the rotation system when there was a group with one less player. The committee hopes to add to the tournament tips document about how to deal with certain numbers of players in certain pools.


Recap of Stratford - The Stratford event was well attended, and raised some good funds for Fred and Brian who both have plans to make it out to BC this March. One issue of the tournament was time, and players who continued to play after round times had ended, even though it is general practice to stop play and regarded as unsportsmanlike to ask your opponent to finish the round. It was suggested that organizers stress this before tournament play begins.


BC Tournament - The British Columbia tournament will take place on March 17th. Carole told the committee that they had plans to create a press release about Ontario champions coming to their event if Fred, Brian, and possibly others could confirm their attendance ahead of time.


PEI Tournament - The PEI tournament will take place on April 21, with singles in the morning and doubles in the afternoon. Their are also plans to have a skills competition on Friday evening during the social.

Road Trip - So far their seem to be serious interest from 4-6 Ontario players about traveling to PEI for the tournament. There could be potential for a tournament conflict if the Joseph Schneider Haus tournament is played on the same day, as it was last year. David and Jeanette have looked into many sources for hospitality and travel, and if there is a good number of players from Ontario attending, it looks like it will be a great trip.


Tiebreaker Rules - Further discussion on the tiebreaker rules and Fred’s proposed Wimbledon rule have been deferred to a later meeting.


Club News - Further news on clubs, including London’s growth and “handi-cap” results have been deferred to a later meeting.


Total Points Award - The NCA total points award has been deferred for further discussion at the AGM.


Crokinole Research Project - Fred and Nathan have taken on the task of slowly sifting through hundreds of crokinole related google alerts and attempt to make new crokinole contacts and connections based on the information found.


St. Jacob’s Tournament - There was a small discussion about moving the St. Jacob’s tournament to one week earlier, from the 12th to the 5th to try and create further space between it and the World Championships. Further discussion will be needed.


The next meeting is scheduled for January.



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