Hello all, my name is Josh.  And I am looking to start a club to be recognized by the NCA in Regina, SK.  I was looking for any helpful information on starting it.  We have a few prospective members; where would be a good place to meet?  From your experience any suggestions on places that might be willing to accomidate us?  How do we become listed on the NCA website?  Thank you in advance to all replies and help! 


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You can post it on your local Kijiji.ca site Josh. Also checkout meetup.com

Hey Josh.

I am in Regina and run a boardgame club. My wife & I just got our new Crokinole board this past February and your timing is perfect. I would be interested in participating in some manner.

That's great! We are still in the early stages of development but the more the merrier! You should PM me and we can get in contact with each other. I'm also kinda interested in your boardgame club you run if we could talk about that also. Thanks!
I've actually moved to Moose Jaw as of late, so I will not be able to continue with this. If someone still is, which I think Matt is, then by all means go for it. It would be a great addition to the Queen City.

I am willing to take point on this. I am working with a few others groups to see if we can establish a regular gathernig. I have secured a venue, just need to get enough people interested that it is viable to meet.



I would love to attend, but I doubt that I would be able to attend on a regular basis. It is easier for me to attend the one in Caronport, however if in Regina you were ever looking to hold a tournament, you'd bet I'd be there.

Hi Josh - just say your desire for a club to start up in Regina.  I am busy at First Baptist Place teaching the elders here and they are having a good time.  Tournament?  I do not think so at this time although it was be great to see one operate and see the playing.  Reply to my e-mail if you can:   baptistoojp@sasktel.net


Dr. James Parker



I sent you an email. Hope we can get this off the ground.


This all looks very interesting to have something here in Regina.  My group likely would not travel but who knows.  I certainly would love to exchange ideas what I could.  Regina and the members now will grow once there is something in place.  Keep me posted.  We should meet to get a face to all this typing!


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