Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan all have a Holiday disignated as Family Day

on February 21/2011

When I was making out our schedule for ST.Jacobs Club, I mistakingly included

playing on Family Day. Someone casually pointed out this error and immediately

questioned having to play on a Holiday.

The game does not start until 7:pm, so the quandary remains, does this interfere

with the Holiday, or should the games go on. ?


What is your answere to this opinion poll?

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Well, It is a statutory holiday like Thanksgiving Monday, and you wouldn't consider having Crokinole on Thanksgiving would you?  Lots of people can go skiing or ice fishing on that long weekend and be to tired to play Crokinole after the drive home.  Just my opinion, but I think it is a valid argument.  Why not play the day the day after, or the Thursday preceding?

I don't play regularly at St. Jacobs, so I shouldn't really speak on anyones behalf, but since you're asking...


You mention 'having to play', but I look at it as getting to play.   Plenty of time to hit the cottage and be back in time if its that important, or skip it if you're tired and not much harm done.  It's recreation, isn't it?  

Besides, it's family day... you should HAVE to play crokinole on family day.   Bring the whole gang to crokinole club.   


If you're short numbers, maybe I can make it.   Actually Howard, could I get a schedule (  I want to come more regularly and I think I can with my new hours.  It'll be easier if i know in advance.   

That's the thing Joe, It's NOT rec.  If you don't show up, you get penalized.


Nobody gets penalized Brian if you don't show up.  You just get recked !! or your

status is reduced to a occasional player.


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