Do you know what the biggest mistake is when it comes to waxing your crokinole board?
- it is that most people forget to wax their discs. The majority of boards are not as fast as they could be because people forget or don't think about waxing their discs. Wax them with Pledge or Liquid Gold as often as you wax your board.

- wax your board with board wax every ~100 games or as needed
- wax your board with Pledge or Liquid Gold more frequently when your board needs a "boost"
- use shuffleboard wax in the ditch and watch your discs slip more often into a 20!
- if you need it, the WCL has board wax or shuffleboard wax - email

Moisture is what slows boards down. Try to keep your board in a cool, dry place as the cooler/dryer the board is, the faster the board will be

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Besides waxing boards and disks with Carnauba wax, i still want more speed. I don't seem to get the same glide as other boards i've played on, unless i sprinkle some shuffle board wax on the board. Any other suggestions? What kind of cloth do you flickers use? What about a buffer?

Hi Brian,

I am not sure what carnauba wax is but with a quality board and the WCC wax I've yet to see a slow board. You can use super fast shuffleboard wax. It's white and even faster than regular wax.

only other suggestion is to ensure you wax your buttons and keep your board in a cool, dry place

I hope this helps,


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