I was checking out the discussions noticing the guys in the states looking for players in their area. I'm always looking for players too. I've put ads in Kijiji and on the local Cable Channel and emailed people on Facebook who have crokinole as a hobby. Anyone have anymore creative ideas? I'm sure myself and these poor loners down south would love to hear them...

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Hey Everyone,

New places to promote are:
- put posters up at: community centers, libraries, condos
- stop by senior centers and make an annoucement at one of their popular events about your club
- put a crokinole board up at a shopping mall, Chapters, grocery store or local home show - people will sit and play and want more info on your club
A few tips:

(1) Check your local area to see if there are any boardgame clubs. Quite often there is crossover. In Regina, there are multiple boardgame clubs in the city, a couple that are at Church Venues.

(2) Church clubs quite often look for an engaging activity for young & old alike.

(3) Setup a Meetup.com group or search for existing ones.

(4) See if there are any established newcomer societies in your area and let them know you have a club.

(5) Advertise in local game stores and more importantly see if you can get the store owners to get involved.

(6) Host a charity event to raise profile for your club.

(7) Find suitable public places to play. The game generates enthusiasm on its own.

(8) Post an ad at your local book store bulletin board.

(9) Post an ad at your local coffee shop.

(10) Find local websites that highlight activities in your area and post your events on those sites.

Those are great ideas and I will try them to boost our club numbers for next season.


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