Question :  My club is in the planning stages of hosting our first doubles tournament and we only have nine tournament quality boards. I was going to ask other participants to bring a high quality board, is that a usual request when hosting? Thoughts/tips? Thanks

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Hello Red. In all tournaments except the world championships (They own a large number of boards) players bring most of the boards, so your request is quite reasonable. You might want to visit "Tournament Tips" on the National Crokinole Association website in case it helps you with your tournament organization.  Consider publishing the tournament. Some players from Lewiston New York (or even Ontario) might want to go. Players really enjoy doubles tournaments. Fred Slater

 Thank you Fred. Yes, I plan to post the tournament flyer on multiple sites. Should have a decent amount of teams.

The computerized timer available from the Quinte crokinole club is extremely useful. If you have trouble downloading it let me know and I will get you the programmer's e-mail. The scorecards available on the NCA site work very well. Contrary to the instructions, they print on 5X8 file cards.

Yes can you please direct me to the programmer so I can check it out? Thanks again Fred.

Only nine tournament quality boards!? That's an impressive start for a relatively new club. And if you think you need even more to host a doubles tournament, that's terrific. Congrats on the progress!

Thanks we have a lot of fun. We just want to make sure we can accommodate everyone once we put the word out , we have no idea what kind of response to expect. I put out some feelers and a club in Massachusetts said they could have a few teams that would play. So we will see soon enough.


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