...or should I say, a swift flick?

Firstly, thank you for welcoming me into your community. As a brand-spanking-new crokinole player, I've really enjoyed familiarizing myself with the game through channels such as this. I'm attempting to not only learn about the rules of the game, but just as importantly I want to learn the etiquette of the game. Being a veteran of many leagues for other sports, I know that sometimes the unwritten rules are the most important ones. I am really interested in popularizing the game in my area, and eventually making Lansing's (future) club to the NCA what the Blue Jays are to Major League Baseball.

Alas, the query that brings me here today is a purely technical one. Upon playing our first games of crokinole yesterday, and learning to develop a nuanced flick, I noticed that my opponent would sometimes use a "swinging" motion with his finger to more or less "boot" the disc towards the center. While I wouldn't describe this as a push, I have always understood a "flick" to mean dragging your shooting finger past another finger to generate power, versus pulling back and "punting" the disc with a single finger. Is there much concern over this in tournament play? With a possible trip to Tavistock looming, I want to make sure we don't make fools of ourselves. Any light that could be she'd on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and happy flickin'!

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I don;t know of any rule that states the style of 'flick' to be used, as long as it is your finger, except in cues play, where a cue stick is used.

I know Bryan Cook deploys this style when shooting open 20s.  On tournament quality boards, you don't need a massive amount of power, so I'd say its a matter of finding the method that works best for you.  Like Clare said, as long as you use a finger (I've seen a lady shoot with her thumb!) it's wide open.  Personally, I shoot with the right index finger braced by the thumb.

Exactly. whatever works best for you, as for me it is my left index finger. Although sometimes even that doesn't work well (: Lately I have been practicing with my right index finger, but that still needs a lot of work !!!

I am in the same boat Josh. My wife uses a push with one fingers and I thought you had to shoot with a braced flick. I put a PICT up on the forum. It appears according to Clare that she is legal. We have a pretty big group down here in Athens, Ohio if you ever want to road trip. Home of Ohio University and some great beer!


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