There might have been other TV coverage as well but I found this link to some video provided by the Woodstock Sentinel.

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Thanks for finding this Eric, and congrats again on your impressive top 4 finish - you were obviously playing well on Saturday so I'm fortunate I never had to play you at any point during the Prelims or Top 16 playoff round. Looking forward to viewing your pics of the tourney soon whenever you have a free moment to post them. Kent
Yeah, where's the pics?
Cool little piece. I know that A channel, London did a piece as well. I know because my Mom saw it but couldn't figure out how to tape it. Apparently it includes an interview with yours truly, as well as others. I really want to share it with my siblings.

If anyone knows where to find a free viewing of this, please help. A Channel offered to sell me the 30 second dvd for $58. Can you believe that? I could buy 15 dvds in Chinatown for that. DVDs of movies that are still in theatres. Then they told me I couldn't put it on the internet or even email it anyone. Sweet deal.


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