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Just make comment on what my friend that I know knows.  He's work at Chateau Laurier and happen to see what I thought would never be seen.  Look at boards they all say Eagan/FitzGerald and I think that there are a lot of them.  Taken at the hotel's storage.  Not sure how many boards there are Jas say 8.



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Very nice, great bit of sleuthing Preet. To add to that, I was trying to figure out what the rest of the legend in the ditch says. 'Eagan', 'Fitzgerald' and 'United' are easy enough to make out but what's on the bottom was not so easy. So I copied the picture and rotated it 180 degrees and then it's fairly easy to make out. It says something like 'July 2(3?) 1956(?)' for those of you who just have to know.


Well? Boards look okay. Routered lines. Wonder how they are to play on?

Interesting! It sounds like these Eagans can be for hire too. Check out:



Maybe I should start dating these Eagans because, believe me, I could use something to help my game! :) Preet, do you know this Dianna? Sounds like she won something in your neck of the woods back in August.

Question for Eric and for anyone else who knows - Are you saying routered lines are not as good as painted lines to play on?  I guess it makes sense that routered lines could impact the shot.  Let  me know.


Oh, fyi, you may need to clicke the "Read More" button under the picture on the link I provided to read more of the story.  :)

Thanks for putting this up here Dorothy.


For those interested I looked around the site and found some other comments, one referring to Eric Miltenburg and Bill Glading.


I don't know, but whoever keeps putting these things up on the internet is in certainly "in the know" about Southwestern Ontario Crokinole.


Here's the link



Have any of these Eagans or Fitzgeralds ever shown up in Tavistock?  This is an intriguing bit of crokinole history.

Hay Hayword,


Never ben to Tavistock so not sure




<"Are you saying routered lines are not as good as painted lines to play on?">

No I wouldn't say that routered lines are inferior to those that are drawn on the board. I only mentioned it because it caught my eye.

I don't think I've seen this discussed very often but it's probably worth polling opinion on it. If anyone has any theories or observations please chime in. I've also seen pictures of boards that have brass wire or a fancy wood inlay to mark out the lines. This might be worth starting a new thread in the 'Equipment' forum,  so why don't I do that and anyone with anything to contribute on this point please add it there.

 Good point to bring up Dorothy, thanks.

Are those boards for sale? Why would they just sit in storage for 50 years? Someone could write a book about all this mystery.
The impression I get from what Preet has said is that these boards are there and get pulled out maybe once a year when the clans gather. I suppose they could be delivered there and lined up waiting for people to show up. But is that the point that they all get together specifically to play crokinole? Or is it some kind of summit like the G20 minus the protestors, the cops, the incredible squandering of tax dollars and generally pointless activity. Hmmm, that would sound like anti-Crokinole to me. I think the E-F'ing bunch are on to something sane and civilized.
how  do u know those are fifty years old

The impression I got from Fitzi kid that I play with some time is that they family all get together once a year and this year it just happened to be in Ottawa.  Differrent cities differrent years.  I haven't seen the Fitzi kid since all this but I will again.  Jas said the boards were in storage for over a week but gone now.  We should find out city for next year and crash party ha!





wow those boards are really nice


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