I was fortunate enough to listen in on most of Part 2 of the annual general meeting of the NCA this year and Alex from the Waterloo Club brought up the one cheek rule topic and its relevance in the game.


Personally, I've always thought of it as kind of a "cute" or "comedy" rule.  One where you can accuse the other guy of a violation in order to create amusement.  


But, it is a rule and sadly, I'm a repeat offender, if not an outright abuser of this rule.  Heck I even tilt the chair sometimes to gain a little leverage.  And, I never felt like I was cheating.


So what should we do about a seemingly unenforceable rule?  I've got decent sized cheeks, so I can argue a touch if accused.  I've never looked, but I think Alex has little cheeks, and maybe he feels unfairly disadvantaged.  Some people have huge cheeks, where its difficult to determine where the leg begins.


I'm voting the rule be reworded and maybe broadened to the leg stating The player must remain at least partially seated when shooting, and have 2 feet on the floor unless physically impossible,  (for little kids etc...)


There was a lot of interesting topics from the AGM.  Hopefully it gets posted up soon!







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I think you are on to something here Brian.  I am also a repeat offender.  I often only have part of my leg on the chair.  On the other hand, I have never called anyone out on it either.  I think that a slight modification in the rule would clear up the grey areas on this one.  Six feet on the floor (4 from the chair and 2 from the player), seated position and at least part of the bottom of the but or leg on the chair.


Side note, next time you play against Jon Conrad, check out the unique chair position he uses.



Originally I thought along the same lines as you Brian, this was kind of a "comedy" rule. With some rules I could always see where they originated from. The rule that says you can't move your chair seemed to originate from the time when the crokinole board sat on the kitchen table, and it was impolite to move your chair, thus scratching the floor.

However, I am not sure where this rule may have came from, although I do believe that I follow the rule, even to the point of knowing that if I had cheated and stretched for another inch, I may have been able to get a clean 20 off a hanging piece, rather than hitting the peg.

Along with what Ray mentioned about Jon Conrad, I believe I do something similar and angle the chair before play, thus providing slightly larger movement from side to side, without bending or breaking the rule. Jon's chair position is a bit more evident than mine, and quite easy to notice if you watch one of the videos of him on youtube.


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