Howdy everyone!


I'm looking for some input from those of you out there who may be more experienced in life and/or have some old boards kicking around.  I'm looking at getting a custom board made - it will be my very first time!  I may get one for me and one for my daddy, depending on if I can afford it.


One of the many decisions I have to make is what type of pegs I would like.  My choices seem to be:

  • wooden
  • plastic
  • nickel-plated


I would love to keep the board(s) for many years, maybe even my whole life.  So I like the concept of getting wooden pegs, but will they last? I really don't like the thought of getting plastic, so the only other option is nickel-plated.  Do any of you guys or gals have any advice for me?  Do you think wooden pegs will hold up over a decade or two?


Thanks!  Dorothy :)


PS @Greg M  It was sweet of you to set up this network so big thanks to you!  Luv it!

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I think the most attractive are the wooden posts, along with a latex tubing for lots of bounce, although how much bounce is a matter of preference, and the more bounce will increase the luck factor of the game (and fun factor in my opinion).

I personally don't like the clacking sound from the metal posts and I think the plastic ones that I have seen look cheap. A good quality plastic post would probably be fine however.

I believe most posts are one inch screws with some kind of rubber tubing.

If you look at this link from Mr. Crokinole's awesome webpage

you will see many (if not every) post imaginable. I have bought old boards and changed the posts because they do wear out or get bent from accidents. This is usually an easy process from either unscrewing or drilling or simply pulling out the post. If you got a Hilinski board, you could probably negotiate extra and multiple variations of posts as well.

Hope that helps.
i agree with brian as far as the asthetic value of wooden posts. but i was unaware of the variety in posts. i guess you learn something new every day. i also think that it is very sweet of you to be thinking of buying something for your dad. if you are ever in my neck of the woods and fancy a game, let me know. i am sure that i could show you a thing or two.
Muchas gracias boys! I appreciate the replies Brian and Decklan. I just love the wood so much, I've decided I want it. I love learning anything new, so if anyone else wants to weigh in, please do! :)

Hi Dorothy 

I'm making crokinole boards and I use brass screws with heavy surgical rubber.  The action is fantastic and fun, They look good but wood always looks great. This rubber is too fat to use with wood as the wood would have to be too skinny to be durable.



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