Oh yes, the devil is in the delinquent discs, that's for sure. This rule has been chewed over for a long, long time, ad nauseum some would say but the jury is still out. Tavistock favours the 'damage repair' option. Many clubs, follow the dictum of the St. Jacob's crew and echo what Gaius Julius Caesar would have said had he played a better game "Disci iacti sunt" or to paraphrase "Let the discs fly, and leave everything awry!" or perhaps "Let the discs scatter, what does it matter!"
Now suppose you are on your own Rubicon, but at Tavistock and not in Italy. Watch below and chip in your two cents. I'd especially like to know Ray Beierling's opinion since he hatched the idea and now it is presented live.

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OK, I'll bite.
Without the replay, i would have thought it was going off, but after the replay, I think it would have bounced around and settled in the 5pt. area. Regardless, I think both sides should agree what would have happened and in case of disagreement, place the infected cookie in the lower point decision area. What else could you do? The only problem is that this can create controversy where the other rule doesn't.
In a similar situation, what if someone kicks the table hard? (maybe it was even an accident). An agreement has to be reached as to where the men were, or wouldn't you have to restart the whole round? The "leave 'em be" rule doesn't make sense in this case.
Finally, Isn't it time someone comes up with a simple reboundless board? Some kind of beanbag material inlaid into the frame? Yeah it's gonna cost more, but people will buy em. If Fred's shot was for the final match, couldn't things get ugly? Without video replay, it's pretty hard to place the shooter, especially if it bounced back into the 10. Even if its a lame rule, there should be a definitive rule.
My take from the replay and discussion.
Yes, i agree it would have ended up in the five count area.

In this scenario since the red button was the shooter button still in motion or play, therefore, even if
it was influenced by a disc that ricochet off the outside rail, I conclude as follows.

Since the shooter disc was at no point out of bounds, it should stay where it rests
after the dust settled.
This would now be considered, "the shot disc in its original position"

As far as part B eg: when someone accidently kicks the table hard (or big gust of wind?) resulting
damage caused could come under a different rule altogether-namely any excessive damage
caused from outside the boards perimeter should be replaced to its original position as agreed
upon by all players involved.
Yes, That makes perfect sense because it was the shooter. There was no previous "home" for it. It would be more infrequent i believe if it wasn't the shooter except when the "hail mary" shots come out. Without a camera though they are pretty hard to follow anyways, but... Howard, Eric, anybody, what if:
1. it wasn't the shooter.
2. It looked like it was going to rest in the 5 spot.
3. but ended up in the 10 spot because of the ricochet.

I think in a friendly game, you go with the 5 if agreed upon, but in a tournament, isn't it better to go with the concrete evidence and make it a 10? I favour that wishy washy sit on the fence rule.
IF ?? it wasn"t the shooter, in question #1 we might be back to Damage Control "Option"
or taking a lne from Shakespere **** to be or not to be? that is the question.

In that case where was it before it got moved???


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