I've never been to a cash game or played a game for cash.  How does it work?  How do you keep score?  How do you get matched up against an opponent?   If you have to play Brian Cook in a cash game, can you fake sick and get your money back?  Can you bet on people?  Can you get odds?  

This seems all so fascinating to me!

  I need help.

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I just show up with $100 in my pocket and look to play in two to four games. They match us up by flights and it's up to the two competing players to agree on the amount. I'm in the D flight, so it's between $10 and $25, but we usually play for $25. Nothing special, game up to a 100. After the game, we just look for another opponent in our flight. I've been in some clubs where they set the clock and the winner is whoever gets to 100 first or whoever is in the lead when the clock goes off, but this is not as common.

The best players in the A flight do exactly what you said - they give odds depending on the overall record. I think the highest they go is 5:1. I've seen one game where the underdog paid $50, but could win $250 if he beat the favourite. You can also get/give odds if you play someone in a different flight as you.

The only way I haven't played for cash is when I'm playing against my family during holidays, birthdays, etc. I've read about Brian Cook and seen him on YouTube. I wouldn't even play him, nevermind ask for odds! I'd be with you and faking sick! ; ) Dorothy
We also have diferent divisions, but call it a ladder and give them divisions diferent names, but same thing. If you win you move up or stay up and if you lose a few you move down. We play for a bit more money out here in the Ottawa Valley but maybe thats because I'm playing in the premier division. Im not sure if the lower guys play for less but I can check. We don't do anything with odds but I'm thinking thats an interesting idear. What we'll do instead of odds is we'll spot points. That seemd to work fine until this new guy showed up a coupla months ago and started winning all the time. We've already got it so he is spotting us 50 points and he's still winning. I think theirs a maximum but don't remember if its 50 or if its higher. Also we play to a hundred. Everything sounds the same as Dorothy other than the dollars and the odds versus points spotted. Where you live Dorothy?

i am not exactly sure how the games are set up, to tell you the truth. i had said before that there were about 20 people playing at the last one i was at and it looked as though there was some sort of flight/ladder system there. if i were a betting man, which i am, i would say that it was very similar to what preet and dorothy were explaining. there was however a lot of betting by spectators. the money seems to be more out east than it was here and it seemed like there were odds on the higher ranked players and people watching would bet on whoever they thought would win. anyway, i think that there is a 2 day private cash game that i will be attenting this upcoming weekend and try to get some more information. preet, i would like to hear more about the cash games out east as well and dorothy, my offer is still on the table for me to show you a thing or two.
also, if i were brian cook and he is as good as everyone says, i would try to find some of these games because he could make a pile of money at one of these things.
I'll contribute to this topic from the Left Coast of the USA. We actually have a flourishing crokinole community here in the bay. I suppose it helps that we have a lot of transplant Canucks that have moved here! I typically only play a couple times a month, but I can find game seven days a week. The players are mostly friendly and you can always play for dollar amounts that you're comfortable with. There are hustlers of every age of course, but I don't get myself in positions where I'm risking more money than I can afford. The big negative I would complain about is the best games here with the most action is in the Tenderloin area, which isn't exactly the safest.

Because I travel a lot for business and for several weeks at a time, I've also played in cash games in Madison Wisconsin, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Gary Indiana, Denver and in Canada in Montreal and Toronto. I can say that in many of these cities I found myself in rough areas. So to add to this discussion, my advice would be to travel with a buddy if possible and get very specific instructions on how to find the flick tables so you're not dilly dallying around the wrong places. Also, just like in other games for cash, like pool or darts, don't borrow money from someone you don't know. My only other beef is that I'm a morning person and all you crokinole players don't even get started until ten o'clock at night and stay up to unGodly hours in the morning!


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