I am interested in buying a carrying case, preferably canvas or thick cloth. I am having some difficulty locating Crokinole players in Regina, Saskatchewan so I thought I would take my board out to some of the organized gaming events in the city to see if I can drum up interest in a club. I would like to have my board protected for transport though.

Any help or advice is appreciated,

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Hi Matt, I've seen these bags for sale in Tavistock, handmade by Willard. It is a very thick canvas (used for horses) and my brother Eric bought one so maybe he can comment. Yeah, they are $55 but you get what you pay for.


Also, If you go the second hand route, I have heard that the carry bags used for Marching Band Symbols are awesome. Just make sure they fit. Hope that helps...
Thank you very much. I am in the process of ordering one now. :)


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