hey everyone, i just want you to know that we are going to be starting our annual assiniboia tournament this weekend in the prairies.  it is going to be a 32 man tourney, single elimination event, spanning two weekends.  there are still a few spots left and it is only a meer $100 to enter.  if anyone from southwestern ontario is in the area and would like to participate, let me know.  we would like to thank the chris brothers for organizing the event again this year, even though one of those bastards will probably win it.  i would really like to keep everyone informed on what will happen over the weekend.  would anyone object if i posted results as they came in?  please let me know and good luck to all competitors.  also, although i don't understand exactly what preet is saying half the time, i agree that upping the prize/payout at the tavistock tournament may be a good idea. 

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What are the details for this event?

Location, Dates, Times, Registration Info?

Hi Decklan,

Thank u for you're support but not sure if you seen Brian Miltenburg explain it this way that they play for trophy and bragging writes and not for money on Tavistock. Nothing wrong with that on my page. I know that Clare feels the same way. I respect. Perhaps you and I start another tournament for money? Ha! Or perhaps its just this way that weather regional or national or money versus trophy we all to lazy to go to far! Good luck in your tournament.

Curious on breakdown of payouts $3,200.00 just because we used to only pay winner then top three now its even more sometimes and waters down for those that do well? To much in my estimation.

Thanks again.
My daddy says if you pay out more than 10% (so 3 people in a 32-person tourney) then it ain't worth playing!
Some of us DO play for the money in Tavistock too!
Hear, hear. It's nice to know the best player in the world thinks it's okay to play for money. I was starting to worry about the health of capitalism in Ontario. I thought you were all going soft on me.


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