Decklan asked: ..."I was wondering if anyone knows the ins and outs of hanging crokinole boards. i have been hearing that hanging them is the best way to keep
them from warping. my only wonder is do you have to have some sort of
hooks underneath to hang them on or can you hang it just from the edge
of the board or from the wood underneath. i kind of think that it is
cheesey to hang it on a wall, but if it is protecting the board, then i
guess it would work. i don't know what to think.

So what do you do with your board when you don't have it out ready for action - after all, some of us like to eat off that kitchen table now
and again? I've heard that leaning it upright behind a door, behind the chesterfield,under the staircase in the basement
or anywhere is not such a great idea because it might warp the board.
That would be tragedy and compromise the playability of the board.
Ideally the board should be laid down flat somewhere that doesn't
experience extremes in temperature or humidity (i.e. not the garage

Not everyone has enough house to keep their board horizontally flat so here are some vertically flat solutions.

 If you have a board that has some hollowed out space underneath you can put in eyehooks like the ones used to hang picture frames. (I have the picture wire taped to the board because I'm not hanging my board that way at the moment and the wire would scrape the table when I used a lazy susan to practice on my own.)

If you have a heavier board or one that is flat on the bottom or you don't want to be screwing things into your board you can make or have a frame made for it. Here's one that boardmaker Willard Martin made, it has grooves in the top and bottom crosspieces that hold the board in place, and is adjustable too so it fits any board between 29 - 31 inches and it has a rack on top to hold the discs. I have to get another one of these, they're great.

Here's how it looks with a board in it.

Hope that gives you some ideas Decklan. I'm hoping there are others out there who have a few more ideas to share.



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Hey boys!

Thanks for the great posting. Those are some deadly ideas for board maintenance. My custom-made boards for me and my daddy should be in soon! I don't want to lose out on my investment. So are you saying it would be okay to leave them on the floor under my couch? That is what I had planned to do and it won't be near any heaters.

What does everyone else think? Floor or wall?
Thank you :) Especially you Eric ;)
I also agree this a very fruitfull discussion. Love the wall-hanger Mr. Miltenburg! I would say wall would be tops but I really want to here what others say to. Do makers like Willard, Wayne Kelly, Beierlings, Hilinski Brothers have to say about it? I have left my octogonal board sideways on the floor under the stairs and it totally warped but it was just a crappy one from Canadian Tire but still it wasn't that old so frustration. There was no exposure to heat/cold but i bet if I layed her flat it wouldn't have warped. I'm confused though because we always layed the carroms on they're side and no issues.

I say wall but default to these guys.

Hi Preet, if the stairs were leading to the cellar then it was probably humidity (too much in the summer, too little in the winter) that would do the warping. I say this on the basis that I had a smaller cheaper board that I kept in the basement leaning against a wall and it warped (maybe all regular wood warps over the years, and that's why I've seen plywood and MDF recommended over it) The board is still playable probably because the deck was ... I'm not sure of the name - wood fragments and glue ... I'll put in a picture. I usually hang it on the wall when the club meets to add some nostalgia. However when I first got crokinole going at the ESL school (English as a Second Language - to answer your question on a previous post) where I work we used it and we had a ball on it - tiny disks and all, we just wedged it up with a shim to level it and keep it from rocking too much.
If you want a more scientific explanation check out a posting by Marwan al-Ghandi at:

boards and humidity

the article is sandwiched between all the gossip/intrigue which makes me wonder about the science, but I'm sure someone among us with the appropriate background can warn us if it's bogus.

Here's a picture of the board I was mentioning, tiny ain't it?

Thank you Mr. Miltenburg for the response and the link. I learn so much hear and from crokinole guys like you this is such a great site. I thinK I could take you're ESL course and learn that too Ha! The link reminded me of FitzGerald kid who is still coming around here. He said he's warm up for the family tournament in a coupla weeks at the Chateau Laurier nearby I live in Ottawa. There will be Fitzis of every age size and angle so he says across the country coming into my backyard. I have a buddy that works at Chateau Laurier so maybe he can tell me more and I will share here because of interest. Maybe I get them out to cash game?

Hi Dorothy, I'm glad you found the info useful. Be sure and post a pic of your custom-made boards. Did you find a board maker locally or are they coming in from far away? Under the couch would be all right I reckon, though I've never done that myself. If I were slipping a new board under the couch I might put a towel to cover the board so it doesn't get any dust on it.


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